Monday, May 4, 2009

How to tell if your man is lying? Arm yourself with tips.

If he’s not able to give a convincing answer to where he was last evening, then he’s surely lying. Does he change the subject when you confront him about something? If yes, he could be lying. Stony silence when you question his phone calls means he’s trying to hide something from you. When you talk to him about his activities, if he avoids looking in your eye it could mean he’s lying. If instead of explaining things to clear up, he consistently says, “so you don’t believe me?”, then he could be telling lies.

If you ask him, "Were you with Susan last night?" and he replies by repeating every word you said, "No I was not with Susan last night"; then he could be possibly lying. Is the speeed of speech relatively less than normal, he may be thinking about finding escape routes to your questions. Does he look anxious when you confront him with questions about his activities? Watch for signs of nervousnousness when you linger on the subject, this could be a clue. Do you get the same story at different points in time or different and incoherent answers each time. If its not the same story, then it's a case worth investigating.

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