Sunday, December 21, 2014

Outdoor gifts your child will be crazy about

Encourage outdoor play and let kids experience the healthy joys of connecting with nature.

Playing outdoors is unstructured play and a multi-sensory experience that helps kids get smarter. It also increases their levels of physical activity making them healthier. The natural surroundings also reduce the stress of modern life besides allowing them to take a break from the digital world of computers and tablets. Encourage outdoor play by giving gifts that can be used outdoors.

Play tents can be easily set up outdoors and come with a variety of themes that can stimulate imaginative play you could try the Fairytale Tent, Caterpillar Tunnel or Thomas The Tank Play Vehicle.
Glider planes, wooden boomerangs and parachutes help kids build co-ordination skills. Remote controlled toy planes and helicopters will bring hours of fun too.

Kids love to splash about in the water, gift an inflatable pool for hours of water fun! Inflatable ride ons in fun shapes like dinosaurs and swans will be a big hit. Crafting sand castles, sand houses and sand sculptures are a great past-time for kids and a beach set will help them create elaborate structures.

Bicycles are an all-time favorite for kids and from the small cycles to kids to the sophisticated bicycle with gears for teenagers, there’s one for everyone. Ride on cars, scooters and other vehicles are also popular outdoor gifts for kids.

Gift something sporty that can be played outdoors like a football, a tennis set, a basketball set or an archery set. You can also think of sports accessories like tees, wristbands and sports watches.

Camping outdoors is always fun. Gift cool camping gear like a metal detector with a beep alert that allows kids to stroll through the woods to spot metal.  A telescope will let them watch the starry skies and a pair of binoculars will allow them to enjoy scenic nature.

How about gifting a pair of stilts? Walking through grass in them can be an interesting activity. Skates too let kids acquire a new skill. You can also gift classes to a sport of their interest. Use these pointers to pick up some great outdoor gifts.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Great sports gifts to buy for children

Get your kids moving with some snazzy and sporty gifts

Sports are not just fun for kids but also help them grow healthy and strong. The lure of the television and video games is making many kids these days turn couch potatoes who grow obese. Encouraging sports will keep them fit and also make new friends. Look for sports gifts that are age appropriate and also those that interest them.

Toddlers and young kids below four should be encouraged to pick up simple sports skills like running, kicking, throwing and catching. A colorful ball or sports toys specially designed for them like the Little Tikes Basketball or T- Ball Set works. These have a height that’s adjustable which is perfect for growing kids.
Cycling is a marvelous sport for all ages and gifting one could spark a lifelong love for it. Kids start with colorful cycles with extra tires, then graduate to bigger cycles as they grow and develop their balance and teens go for more powerful cycles with gears.

Children who have attained the school age are ready for team games and will enjoy the organized pattern of playing with rules. Give sports gifts that can be played with teams like a basketball set, badminton set or a table tennis set. Most children love soccer, go for a glow in the dark soccer ball, tickets to a big soccer match or even interesting soccer merchandise like lamps, pendants and chocolates.

Want to bring in the rush of adrenalin? Adventure sports can be quite appealing to kids aged 8 and above. Look out for kids scuba diving programs, these introduce them to the magic underwater world and they learn skills like underwater breathing. Kayaking is one of the fastest growing sports and a program on this will acquaint kids with the basics of paddling, boat control and river safety.

Sports accessories like sports watches, stop watches, sweat bands, caps and helmets will always be appreciated. Throw in a spot of sports customization by gifting sports tees with the child’s name, personalized wooden football stools and blankets, personalized water bottles and more.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Exciting art and painting gifts for children

These cool gifts open the mind and lead kids to magical realms and paths of creativity.

When a child creates a piece of art, this expands a child's ability to interact with the world around him or her. A wonderful means of building self-expression, communication and a sense of achievement. It not only develops the right side of the brain but also makes the child happy.

Introduce toddlers and small kids to art by gifting them finger paint or non-toxic crayons. They may not be able to create anything fine or complex but they will get a thrill of seeing the colors or feeling the sensation of cool paint on their fingers.

Students in elementary school and tweens would have finer skills in art. They will enjoy experimenting with art and techniques, so you can go beyond the average paintbox or color pencils while gifting. A children’s easel would be perfect for a budding artist. Look for the ones that come with a blackboard, a white board and also the facility to use rolls of paper.

Older children can be gifted specialized art kits like a Figure Drawing Kit with a mannequin and other tools or an Interior Design Studio Kit that encourages creating plans for houses.

Books can be a great source of inspiration and education for aspiring artists. Gift books that fetaure the paintings of great artists, coloring books for smaller kids and art technique books for older kids.

Art need not be restricted to just painting or drawing. Art can be created with different media and techniques. An Origami kit will give kids hours of enjoyment as they fold the vibrant colored papers to create animals, birds and more.  Sand Art Kits, Mosaic Kits, Play Dough and  Stamping Kids bring forth new avenues of artistic expression.

You can also gift a Graphics Tablet which let them create paintings digitally or the Sensu Brush,  a special digital brush that works with drawing and painting apps on the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and other capacitive screens. Digital painting classes that help them grasp the basics to advanced techniques of digital art are a good idea too.

Awesome clothes as gifts for children

Don’t just give a gift, gift a fashion statement that any child will love to flaunt.

Born with spunk and attitude, today’s kids can rival any model off the runway with their personal style quotient and charm.  Gift them clothes that turn the spotlight on them wherever they go!

Cute little babies deserve the best the world can give. Look out for baby sets that have co-ordinated clothes and accessories. Go for bright dresses and bodysuits for girl babies and overall and rompers with cartoon characters for boys.

Girls are born fashionistas. They like to look stylish and follow the latest trends. When looking to pick a gift for a girl, check out a few fashion magazines and pick something hot on the fashion radar.  A dress, a top and skirt, a shirt, jeans, trousers and nightwear are good choices but make sure they have the latest styles. When it comes to dresses and skirts, girls will love fun and flirty prints, smart checks, bold motifs and smart graphics.

If winter is coming up, you could look for a warm jacket, a colorful sweater or coats for kids. Go in for something chic, you can also pick up waterproof clothing for snowy or rainy days.  However, gift lighter jackets for spring and fall. If summer is round the corner, choose light and breezy summer clothing for kids. Go for shorts and light tees for boys and shorts or short summer dresses for girls.

Most kids are into some kind of sport or the other. Gift them sporty wear like shorts, insect repelling cargos, jogging bottoms, gym shorts and tees in bright, sunny colors.

If your pockets are a little deeper, you can gift party wear or designer wear for kids. Girls are transformed into fairy tale princesses in party wear. Go for sparkly party dresses in luxurious fabrics like satin, tulle or velvet and embellished with sequins and lace. Boys look smart dressed in stylish blazers, waistcoats or coats, pick one up from the wide range of styles available. Burberry, Gucci, DKNY, Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana and Chloe are some of the top designer brands for kids. These allow them to flaunt the designer tag and begin their journey in appreciating the finer things in life!

Best new year gifts for children

Think out-of-the-box to come up with a new year present that will grab your kids attention.

New year is a beautiful day marked by fresh ideas, new plans and a renewed hope and expectation that it will bring wonderful days. Take this opportunity to stars something new in a child’s life, introduce him or her to a new game, hobby or skill.

Kids above five years can appreciate the joys of journaling which will bring greater happiness as the years roll by. Gift an attractive diary where they can chronicle their daily joys and sorrows or a scrapbook where they can paste their photographs, pictures and creative art.

Show children the value of time in style. Gift a watch! For smaller children, go for colorful watches themed with cartoon characters, for tweens, go for watches that are trendy and for teenagers, you can gift formal watches or even smart watches.

Children of all ages are fond of chocolates and cookies. It’s quite easy to pick these up from the store but you can also make home-made chocolates and cookies in interesting shapes to add a personal touch.
Electronic toys fascinate all kids. For toddlers, vehicles and animals with light, sound and action are quite fascinating. Children aged four to eight will enjoy educational toys like a children’s laptop, tablet and cameras.Children above eight will enjoy remote controlled helicopters and gadgets like tablets.

Music is a wonderful art. Encourage children to pursue music by gifting them music classes. You can also look for age appropriate musical instruments, while mouth organs and toy drums are fine for smaller children, guitars and keyboards will be enjoyed by the older ones. You can also introduce them to Western classical music by gifting CD compilations of Beethoven, Mozart and others.

Gift a New Year adventure. There’s nothing that can quite beat the thrill of an outdoor trip with children. For smaller kids, a visit to a theme park or zoo can be quite thrilling, while older ones will enjoy getting more adventurous with a trekking or camping trip.

With the onslaught of TV and video games, kids are no longer as physically active as they used to be. Encourage outdoor play by gifting a trendy cycle, you’ll find one for every age.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Anniversary gifts your friends will fall in love with

From personalized gifts, goodie baskets to adventure trips, find out how you can make your friends’ wedding anniversary memorable.

When your friends celebrate their wedding anniversary, gift them something that brings good cheer! How about getting a nice caricature done of both of them and getting this personalized on a set of coffee mugs or a clock? This would be useful too.

Gift baskets filled with goodies will delight any couple! It’s easy to pick a gourmet basket off the rack, but spending some time on personally selecting the contents makes it special. Make up a healthy organic food basket filled with fresh fruits, organic tea and other organic bites. You can also make up a nice personal care basket filled with scented soaps, lotions and so on.

Gift a pair of something to symbolize their happy union. A set of champagne flutes, a set of watches, a set of the latest smart phones and so on. You can also go for pretty statuettes like a pair of doves or a couple dancing.

Learn what interests your friends; gift something that suits their interests. If they love going for concerts, gift them tickets to a good one that you know they will enjoy. If they are the adventurous type, you could gift scuba diving classes, a hot air ballooning package and so on. For those with milder tastes, dinner at an upmarket restaurant would work.

Utility items always make good gifts. Gift things that can be used in everyday life, it could be an alarm clock with a funky twist or a board to serve pizza. You can also gift a bar cart, a set of silver cutlery or a classy fruit basket that can be used as a table centerpiece.

If you are good at some art or craft, gift something handmade. Love baking? Whip up a delicious cake or bake a batch of home-made cookies and fill them in a beautiful glass jar and gift them.  If you are good at painting, a happy piece of art would add a cozy touch to their home.

How about giving them some memories for keeps? Gift them a photography package from a professional photographer and let him capture some of their beautiful moments of togetherness. These tips should help you gift something they will cherish.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cool gadget gifts for men

From boom boxes to fitness trackers and mobile phones, you can never go wrong while gifting the latest gadget.

It’s no secret that men simply love gadgets, here’s your guide to gifting them one. Most men love music and compact and stylish blue-tooth speakers can be just the thing. From waterfall speakers, waterproof speakers to boom boxes, you will find a whole range of them to suit his taste.

If you have the budget, consider a 3-D TV or an expensive home theatre system. These should provide hours of netertainment. A smartphone projector is an interesting gadget that can recreate the cinematic experience at his home without blowing off your budget.

With everyone going crazy about selfies, the selfie stick is the latest must-have gadget. Small and portable, this makes a great gift for any man, especially the one who loves to go traveling. Digital cameras with interesting features like options to upload directly online from the camera make good gifts too.

For men who are the outdoor type, a portable fishing rod would come in handy. A stellarscope star finder telescope is an amazing gadget allows you to view the stars with one eye and will be appreciated by nature lovers. Gift a Trek Guide digital compass to help him while trekking through forests and mountains as it will allow him to keep track of weather and altitude.

For men who are into fitness, gift a fitness tracking bracelet, this monitors and encourages daily activity. The Nike Fuel band is another interesting device that will track how many steps he takes each day and its motion sensors also track his movements through the day.

A portable party fridge is something that every man’s going to appreciate! What better way for him to get to his chilled beer when he’s on a road trip.

The classic gadget gifts of course are not to be forgotten, which man would not love to possess the latest mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Look out for the latest releases and pick one for him.

Smart Watches are a great option too as they bring together great features and are snazzy to wear. Leading brands like Sony, Apple, Google, Samsung and others have smart watches with different kinds of features to choose from.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Exquisite gadget gifts for women

From gadgets that enhance her beauty and health to snazzy utilitarian ones, she will love them and cherish the effort you have put into choosing them.

Every woman loves to look fresh, young and beautiful always. Gift an eye zone eye massager that will relax and refresh her eyes after a tired day at work. She will also love it because it will fight aging by improving blood circulation around the eye. The Tanda Zap is another gadget that is a small flashlight device that gets rid of pimples and acne. You can also gift home tanning gadgets and laser hair removing gadgets that can be used form the comfort of home.

Indulge her narcisstic side, gift a selfie stick that allows her to click pictures with flattering angles. You can also gift her one of the latest cameras that offer options to click selfies.

Long conversations with friends and social media updates are part of every woman’s life. Gift her a smart phone, the latest versions offer novel features. A tablet is also a good idea to give her hours of non-stop entertainment.

Every woman loves her computer or laptop, gift her the latest model. If that’s steep for your budget, go for accessories for the laptop like an USB lamp, PC headset or speakers. USB drives come in fancy shapes and designs, how about a glittering crystal pendant USB or a stone encrusted guitar USB drive attached to a keychain.

A Smart Watch is a nice idea and you can pick from brands like Apple and Moto which have   attractive designs. You can also gift a fitness wristband that will actively monitor her movement, sleep hours, nutrition information and more.The Jabra Sportys Pulse wireless is another fitness gadget that consists of wireless earbuds with a heart-rate sensor that monitors her pulse and feeds data to an accompanying app.

Most women are quite house proud and a gadget for her kitchen will be appreciated quite a bit. The latest microwave, multi-cooker or food processor can help her whip up a meal in a jiffy! Try a snazzy coffeemaker to brew up a steaming cup when she’s tired.

These gadget ideas should win you lots of praise from her.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Unusual gifts for your boyfriend

A quirky gift that stands out from the crowd will endear you to your boyfriend forever.

While choosing a gift for your boyfriend, skip the tested route of predictable smart phones, t-shirts and books. Choose something unique, a gift with a quirky touch that he can flaunt.

Personalized gifts lend themselves to different kinds of customization and here’s where you can get creative. One of the most interesting is a personalized love book which details the reasons why you love him and also tells the story of your love with specific instances.  You can also try a personalized pillow case set with your names and caricatures. Get a caricature of both of you on a customized clock.

Gift him accessories like a quirky tie, you can get one personalized with his image or any other image you think he would like.  You could even get him a music keyboard tie, some of them actually play music! Cuff links personalized with his name or initials are a good idea too. Look for funky watches like a speedometer watch or a melting watch design.

Does he love music? Speakers today come in a dashing variety of avatars that he’s bound to go crazy over.  A speaker shaped like a microphone, a car or even duckie wireless bathroom speakers  will keep him quite pleased.

Go for something fun! How about some fun instant side burns or thick mustaches for a laugh?  A horse head mask, googly eyes that glow in the dark, an inflatable beard of bees or an annoying sound machine are bound to bring out the prankster in him.

Pep up his boring desk with a miniature pool set, a USP lamp or some stress busting table top games.
A key ring alcohol tester will have him quite amused! You can also gift him a wine tasting session or a wine tour.  A combination lock bottle stopper, a lasso bottle holder or a really big beer glass are interesting gifts too.

If you have a special talent for art or craft use it to make something for him. Bake a special cake, paint a piece of art or even knit him a sweater. He will appreciate the love and effort you have put into creating a unique gift.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Music instruments as gifts for children

Give your children a musical gift that gives them a new form of self-expression. Discover new gifting ideas here.

The gift of music is something that will grow into a lifelong love. For all you know, there just might be a budding Mozart or Beethoven out there waiting to be discovered. A musical instrument will not only develop a new skill in kids but also let them have a lot of fun, develop creativity, build confidence and help them focus. While choosing instruments, go for those that seem fun to kids like acoustic guitars, keyboards, drums, violins and so on.

Expose babies and toddlers to musical instruments by gifting them sturdy toy versions.of musical instruments or toys that come with a variety of sounds. Most of them love drums, so a colorful toy drum can keep them occupied for hours. Some of the interesting options that you can look at are musical nursery mobiles, squezee toys that make a sound when you press them and musical mats.

Get kids right into the beat by gifting a drum set designed for young players! The set comprises a bass drum, tom drum, snare drum, cymbal, wooden drumsticks and tuning key.  A professional guide lets kids to dive into drumming lessons right away. Drum stes come with exciting colours and different combinations.
Percussion handbells, Nino bar chimes, tambourines and cymbals are accompaniments that are easy to use and add an extra dimension to the music being played.

Keyboards work well for kids aged four and upwards. Start younger kids on a keyboard designed for kids but for older ones, choose professional ones from brands like Casio, Yamaha and so on. There are stunning versions of a grand piano for kids and these would get kids instantly tapping out a tune.

Acoustic guitars for beginners come in a range of dazzling colors and even funky motifs. These inspire most kids to start strumming. Kids who have learnt to play the guitar can be gifted the professional versions.
Kids will also enjoy musical instruments that are played by the mouth like a harmonica, flute or trumpet. It gives them great scope for musical expression.

Friday, December 12, 2014

New Christmas gifts for children

Carols, candlelight and cheer fill the air as the Christmas season comes closer.  Kids get hyper excited as they write down their wish lists for Santa and get ready for him to fill their stockings. Here are some tips to get your Christmas shopping cracking.

While shopping for children, look for unique and new toys and other gifts, also make sure they are age appropriate. For toddlers and kids below five, toys and clothes are the most popular gifts. They tend to be a little rough with toys and have a tendency to put them into their mouth. Choose colorful, sturdy and non-toxic toys, these could be toy cars, dolls, keyboards, squeezy bath toys and so on.

Gifts for children over 5 years

Children over 5 would be rapidly gaining new skills and enjoy team activities. Gift a bowling set, a football and board games that they will enjoy playing along with friends.  Encourage creative play with play dough, building kits, children’s tool kits, craft sets and so on.  You can also gift utility items like a fancy bedsheet set, clothes, pencil cases or notebooks.

Gifts for kids 9 to 12 years

Tweens (9 to 12) are a little too old to for kids stuff, yet not developed their own tastes fully and can be rather picky. Gadgets like a Kindle reader, a smart phone, funky headphones and fancy blue tooth speakers are a good idea. You can also give them gift vouchers that can be used online.

Gifts for teenagers

Teenagers are finding their own identity and gifting them a customized T-shirt,  personalized pens, personalized soap and candle sets and so on. Teenage girls are quite fashion conscious and will love trendy clothes, make-up and accessories like handbags and trinkets. Teenage boys will love trendy tees, wallets and tickets to their favorite sporting events. The latest smartphone, tablet or personal home theatre system will have teens thrilled.

Personalized gifts always hold a unique charm for children of all ages and show that you have gone that extra mile to make the recipient happy. Make up a customized gift hamper filled with delicious goodies and chocolates, this will be a surefire hit. Gift an experience, for smaller children, you can gift a visit to a theme park and for older children, it could be tickets to events or the latest movies. Books too make an universal gift and are wonderful keepsakes too.

Ring in the Christmas joys with gifts for kids that are a lot of fun

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to inspire your child with creative gifts

Look for something that will stimulate the mind and also keep little hands busy. Here a few creative gifts for kids.

Childhood is period of fantasy and adventure filled with curiosity, exploration and the constant thrill of discovering something new. Skip the regular toys and the temptation of gifting gadgets like tablets. Instead, give them a creative gift and they are sure to be overjoyed

Gift musical instruments based on the age of the child, a tambourine, mouth organ or a flute will work for small children while pre-teens and teens can be gifted instruments like a keyboard or guitar. These will spark an interest in music and before you know it, they would have learnt to play tunes on them or even make their own music!

Puppets are a great way to spark a child’s imagination and encourage him or her to make their own stories and enact them. You can gift glove puppets, string puppets and even a puppet theater set.

Children when given the right tools can create art with such vibrant colors and themes that you would have never dreamt possible! Gift something that allows them to express themselves innovatively, say a sand art kit, a fashion designer kit, an origami pack, a painting box and so on.

Science gifts are a great way to introduce children to the wonders of Science and enjoy the subject. While choosing, make sure they are age appropriate, for smaller kids go for simple ones like a toy binoculars or a Doctor set, for older children, you can choose from the wide range of Chemistry kits, robot assembly kits, microscopes and Bubble Science kits.

A creative experience is a priceless gift. Take the children to a pottery class or a craft class where they get to learn to deign and make something that they will be really proud of.
Want to give a customized gift? Make a collage of the child’s pictures and get this printed onto a large poster. Get the child’s photograph printed on a T-shirt or a mug and add a fun line about the child, he or she is bound to be thrilled. These ideas should help you hunt down the perfect creative gift.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Engaging hobby kits for children

Hobbies help build right and left brain skills, gift a hobby kit based on the child’s interest and age.

Today’s digital generation seems to be incessantly hooked to their tablets and computers. With online games and game apps ruling the roost, now it’s time to introduce them to the magical childhood filled with hobbies that you had enjoyed.

Hobby Kits expose your child to a new activity and lets them explore and learn. Choose them based on the age and interest of a child. Science Kits, Nature Kits, Craft Kits, Cookery Kits, Lego Kits and so on are just a few of the options you can pick from.

Lego Activity Kits

Lego Kits will always be an evergreen hobby favorite with children. With scores of designs and themes to choose from, these let them build their motor and logical skills. For younger kids go for the bigger Lego blocks with simple themes like a house and for the older ones, choose more complicated themes which range from furry creatures to castles and tow trucks.

Children love nature activities

Cultivate a love for nature among kids. You can create a customized Nature Kit by putting together child-friendly garden tools and some seeds. You could add on attractive pots or books on gardening as well. Nature Kits available off the shelf are the Insect Collecting Kit, Butterfly Garden, Pressed Flower Collection Kit, Hydrodome Kit and more.  These are suitable children hobbies for kids aged 8 and above.

Stir the curiosity with science hobby kits

Science is a vibrant subject and Science Kits bring it alive!  My First Science Kit is an introductory kit with select experiments, ideal for kids four and above. Fizzy Foam Science, Perfumery, Sci-fi Slime and Tasty Science are fun kits for pre-teens and above.
Let the child get creative by making something to jazz up his or her room! Go for a Light-up-chandelier Kit, Sand Art Kit, Candle Making Kit, Mask Making Kit and so on. They will be quite proud to see their creations displayed.

Cookery is something that most kids take to like fish to water. Start them off on basic cooking with cookery activity kits. Baking Kits, Pizza Kits and Chocolate Modelling Kits are good gift options.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Impress the Aries woman with the perfect birthday gift

Adventurous, athletic, stylish Aries is multi-faceted, here’s what it takes to pick the right gift for this adorable woman.

If you want to know a woman who can be the elegant and accomplished woman of the world one moment to a daredevil, the next, it’s the Aries woman you are looking for. Organised and capable of inspiring and leading, she is multi-faceted. She has within her a bold adventurous streak and does not hesitate to exercise it at the word go!

Deck her in gold

The Aries woman loves big, glamorous jewelry that will make a fashion statement. Gift her sparkly jewelry that will befit the diva that she is. Try gifting a large cocktail ring, a flashy bracelet or a dazzling necklace, Aries loves a bit of bling and this is bound to work magic. Red is the colour of passion and an Aries colour so keep this in mind while shopping.

Winning the Arian woman's heart

Athletic and active Aries loves sports. Give the Aries woman T-shirts or sporting gear. Adventure is in her blood, so a gift of  camping trip, paragliding lesons, a racing car experience, a trip to the amusement park and so on are birthday gifts that will be remembered for long.

Cooking for your darling Aries woman

The Aries woman enjoys cooking and even at short notice can rustle up a delicous meal. She will have a strong affinity towards the barbecue, so a barbecue set will be just the thing to inspire her. You can also gift glossy cookbooks, a cutlery set, a set of knives and so on.

The Aries woman is intellectual and stimulates her intellect by reading. A great birthday gift for this voracious reader would be a book, choose imaginative stories or inspiring books. If you find yourself unsure of what she might like, give a Gift Certificate

She likes standing out in a crowd, so a quirky or unusual accessory or home d├ęcor product makes a great gift! Think beautiful printed scarves, handbags, unusual vases, splendid artifacts and so on.  Good perfume will also be cherished by the sophisticated Aries woman.

Make the birthday of the Aries woman truly special, use these tips from the zodiac to pick her gift.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Get adventurous with the Aries man

Sporty and stylish Aries man loves gifts that befit his personal style and get his adrenaline pumping!

The tall handsome hunk who majestically strides like he owns the world is your Aries man. High on the style quotient and lucky in the looks department, he’s the kind that women would consider a ‘good catch’.  He loves the feeling of being No.1 and takes pride in it. Choose a birthday gift for him based on his zodiac traits and he will look pleased as punch when he receives it!

Charming the Aries male

The Aries man loves to be big and bold when it comes to celebrations. So a birthday gift of gourmet food or fine wine will warm the cockles of his heart.  You can even put together a customized gourmet basket that features his personal favourites in cheeses, sauces, chocolates and more. He will appreciate your special effort.

Sporty presents to woo

He loves adventure and sport, so gift something that gets his adrenaline pumping.  A flying lesson, sky diving lesson, white water rafting or adventure camps are experiences that will thrill him to bits!  For racing freaks, there is a whole load of driving experiences that you can gift, Ferrari Racing, Indy Car Racing, Formula Racing or Dragster Driving. You can also gift tickets to sporting events.

Sports accessories depending on which sport he pursues or camping gear are bound to be a hit. Binoculars, multi-utility camping gadgets, a stylish pocket knife and backpacks with several pockets are great ideas too.

Pleasing the leader in Arian men

The Aries man is a natural leader and loves to dress well and carry the aura of success.  Cuff links, smart formal shirts, belts, ties and other accessories will be appreciated. Want to get a little more personal? Go for some macho aftershaves, perfume or skincare hampers.

The Aries man is a big planner and loves to stay organized so gifts like travel diaries, personal organizers, watches and so on. Look out for time-saving gadgets like toasters and microwaves too.

The Aries is quite a gadget freak and loves flaunting them. Gift him cool gadgets like the latest tablet, cell phone, a Smart TV, entertainment system, wireless speaker and so on. These birt5hday gifts will find pride of place in his collection.

Make sure your birthday gift to the Aries man is loved and remembered; use the above tips when you go shopping. You will endear yourself to him for life!