Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cute Gifts for Boyfriends

If you want your boyfriend to fall head over heels in love with you, a
cute gift will do the trick. Cute gifts are not necessarily the most expensive,
all you need to do is keep your eyes open and add a dash of your

Soft toys are definitely one of the cutest gifts that you can gift. A teddy
bear, cartoon character or any other toy can be made a special symbol of
your relationship; all you need to do is get it personalized with a message
across the jumper or an engraved tag. You can also gift some cute animal
candles that he can use to decorate his table or desk.

Give your boyfriend some cute stationery, look out for cartoon
characters or cute animals – you’ll fi nd a wide range of letter sets, fi les,
CD cases, mouse mats and more. These help to add a dash of fun to
everyday living. A big cute card with your lip impression on it is an
absolutely cute gift.

Give him a fun gift, a personalized Chef hat, many companies offer
to let you put a personalized message on the hat. Another fun gift is
a cuckoo clock, that’s even better as it will remind him of you every

Turn up at his home with a basket full of towels monogrammed with
his initials; this gift would be a great way to remind him of you every
morning. Even a cool pair of pyjamas and tees for the night with a
humorous message is a great idea.

Get a little romantic; gift him a heart-shaped photo frame with a
picture of the two of you. Hire a small band and have them sing one of
his favorite love songs at his doorstep. He’ll simply love you for this.
You could also bake him a heart shaped cake and write ‘I Love You’ on
it with icing, that’s one of the sweetest ways to show him how much
you care.

Write your boyfriend a romantic poem and slip it into a bottle or into a
pretty picture frame and place it on his desk. You could even write down
33 things you like about him and print it out on fancy paper, laminate it
and gift it. Get his photograph painted by an artist on canvas and gift it.
The best part about gifting something cute is that it will never be
forgotten and evoke a soft, tender feeling about you whenever your
cute boyfriend thinks of you.

Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.
Swedish Proverb

When I saw you I was afraid to meet you.
When I met you I was afraid to kiss you.
When I kissed you I was afraid to love you.
Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Cool Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends

A boyfriend adds that extra dash of excitement and fun to a woman’s
life. How drab life would be without boyfriends adding that
special brand of spunk! Whether they are cheering you up after you had
a bad day or teasing your new hairstyle, just having them around makes
a difference. When their birthdays come up, don’t forget to pick up gifts
that make them feel really special and reflect how much you appreciate

Today’s men are pretty fashion conscious and love to look and feel
good. A grooming kit that contains a selection of products like a hairstyling
gel, after shave lotion, moisturizer, perfume and so on makes an
ideal gift. If your boyfriend is the adventurous sort, you can add on a
really wild hair color and some sparkling hair gel.

Surprise him with a big birthday cake with a cool message, or try a
wine bottle or champagne.

Present him a gift that touches a personal chord, pick up a cool romantic
gift but personalize it with a special message. Many companies offer a
beautiful message in the bottle that you can personalize, other options
include mugs, T-shirts , key chains and so on. Give a gift that will take his
breath away, get one of his photos designed like a movie poster.

Men are always neck-deep into cool gadgets. The latest brand of
mobile phone, I-pod, digital camera or camcorder and similar gifts will
be met with whoops of delight. Remote controlled cars or planes or an
X-box can be a great stress buster and he is sure to enjoy one of these.
Wallets and other leather accessories like desk top sets, check book
holders, credit card holders are functional gifts that your boyfriend can
use everyday.

Most men love romantic music and action movies, these make good
gifts. If you want to take it a step further, why not gift something unusual
like a guitar or keyboard, it might even bring out the hidden talent in him.
Books are always popular gifts that will last many years; you could pick
something on his hobbies.

Give your boyfriend a romantic birthday gift that will take the stress
away. How about a hammock to laze around in or a massage chair? You
could also give a gift certificate to a spa or a vacation at a beach locale.
If he likes puzzles, a puzzle book or a jigsaw puzzle will give him hours
of entertainment.

This should help you hunt for the perfect gift that will put a wide grin
on your boyfriend’s face and dozens of invitations to go out in the days
to come!

Boyfriend quote
Save a boyfriend for a rainy day - and another,
in case it doesn't rain.
Mae West

Friday, October 23, 2015

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Floor Your Boyfriend with Unique Gifts

Choosing a gift for your boyfriend can be great fun. Spend some time
browsing through the racks of stores to pick that one perfect gift
and the look of happiness when he unwraps your gift is something you
won’t forget.

Gifting for Him

Men love to wine and dine. A bottle of fi ne wine or champagne will
feature high on his wish list of gifts. You can also gift gourmet baskets
of fi ne cheeses, barbecues, cookies or snacks. Remember the proverb
about the stomach being the way to a man’s heart. Bar accessories like
champagne buckets, funky bottle openers, wine holders, beer mugs,
crystal goblets make gifts that will be used and remembered.

Birthday Presents

Guys really dig gadgets. There’s nothing that can bring a bigger smile to
your boyfriend’s face than gifting him the latest mobile, I-pod or music
system that he’s been dreaming of. CDs and DVDs of songs or movies
are a good idea too.

You can also give your man something of utility value that will remind
him of you everyday. This includes leather briefcases, penholders, laptop
cases, leather organizers, fi les, notebooks and so on.

Cute Gifts for your Man

Gifts related to your boyfriend’s hobbies will win you brownie points
with him as he will appreciate your understanding of him. If he’s into
sport, gift him accessories related to the sport like shoes, gloves, helmets
or gift him tickets to his favorite sporting events. Make sure you go with
him and cheer as lustily as he does. If he’s crazy about cars or bikes
which most men are scale models of these will fascinate him.

Christmas Gift Ideas

For Christmas, some gifts can be customized to give a special touch. Gift
mugs or T -shirts with a romantic photograph of both of you with a special
love message. Some other interesting ideas are buying him a keychain
with letters that spell out his name, gifting a pen with his initials inscribed
on it, writing a love poem and framing it in a picture frame, dedicating a
song to him on radio, a bracelet engraved with his initials and so on.
If you know your boyfriend’s tastes well enough, unique personal care
products can make wonderful gifts. A bottle of his favorite perfume, hair
gel, aftershave, electric shaving products and so on. Make your boyfriend
look dashing by getting him some groovy stuff to wear – a funky
t-shirt, a silk tie, a cardigan, a sporty watch, a smart cap.

You could also gift your man gift vouchers to a spa, his beloved book
store, his fashion haunt or the accessory store he’s crazy about. This
gives him the freedom to pick up what he wants. Last but not least, remember
to take care to wrap up your gift to make it attractive and intriguing
enough for him to unwrap it at once!

When the doctor said my mom would die...

It was about 11 in the morning and my mother was bleeding profusely from her mouth. Her dress turned red.

On seeing the most loved one suffer, it churned my stomach inside out. We quickly called for the ambulance and rushed her to the emergency ward. She had been fighting cancer for 12 months now. Bravely. And she was just 60. Young, very young to die.

While the doctors were attending to her, the chief called me over. "You better take her back to your home. She's going to die by tomorrow afternoon," he said.

The earth came crashing down. I was devastated, although she had been ailing for some time. And we all knew the consequences.

What happened after that will melt even a stone heart.

After the chief left, she signaled for me to come over. I sat by her bedside and she gestured, "what did the doctor say?"

Believe me I was fighting tears because she'd be distraught if she knew the truth. Holding back my tears, I lied to her. "He said you'll be fine in a few days."

She smiled. 

Only later did I realise that she did so that this whole thing could be easier on me. She could not see me suffer.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Get the Best for Her Birthday

When her birthday comes around every year, don’t you wish you
had a magic spell that would bring her all the happiness in the
world. We bet you would! Read on for some ideas that can create the
same effect.

Wow your girl with something spectacular! A solitaire ring or pendant
can make her day! If that seems out of reach, look for crystal – crystal
brooches, pendants or little fi gurines have a sparkle that spreads happiness.
How about getting a hundred balloons that say Happy Birthday on them
for her!

Put a laugh into her life by gifting something with an amusing touch.
Gift your girl a cuckoo clock and she will remember you every time it
cuckoos. A book of funny cartoons or mementos with amusing sayings
that can tickle her funny bone are a good idea.

Little trinket boxes are the perfect birthday gifts for her to store her
lovely treasures. Look for photo trinket boxes where she can slip in her
photograph or cute animal or bird trinket boxes. Perfumes are one of the
best gifts you can gift, refer to the latest fashion mags so you get to buy
a trendy new perfume.

Women simply love handbags and purses. Since these must-have
accessories are carried everywhere, most women have an enviable
collection of them. Look out for interesting purses, totes or handbags.
Gift something she can slip into her handbag like a silver hand mirror or
a beautifully crafted purse mirror.

If your woman loves to travel, then gift something that she can take with
her. A travel cosmetic bag is a chic and functional gift that she’s sure to
love. A laptop bag with wheels makes lugging it around easy. Also look out
for chic and trendy luggage that she will be proud to own. Gift something
that will keep her occupied during those long hours of travel, think of portable
DVD players, portable travel games, a digital camera keychain and
so on. Picnic backpack sets and insulated beach `n’ lunch totes are a good
idea for those days she wants to take it easy and relax away from home.

Silk fl owers are the best way to brighten up her space. Exquisite bouquets
and arrangements that can light up a window sill or dresser are a
good idea. If you want to go for real fl owers, make sure it has a special
touch – make up a bouquet of fl owers that go with the month of her birth
for instance.

Everyone is curious about the future. For a different twist to you gift,
gift a horoscope reading or a tarot reading. You can also gift her beautiful
illustrated book that features her zodiac sign.

Go ahead and give her a birthday fi lled with all the happiness in the

Birthday quote
There is still no cure for the common birthday.
John Glenn

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Choosing the Perfect Birthday Gift

Birthdays come around just once in a year; make it special for your
friends and family. Choose presents that have a lot of pizzazz and
pack in a punch!

Birthday gifts for Her

When it comes to choosing a great birthday gift for a woman, traditionally
jewelry, clothes, fl owers, cosmetics and so on are what come to mind.
However, here are some tips to add a special touch to these traditional gifts.
Pick up jewelry with some signifi cance attached to it or a pendant with
initials on it for a personal touch, gift coupons for her favorite fashion store
instead of clothes allows her to choose her own. When it comes to cosmetics,
pick up her favorites and make a personalized pampering kit. You can
also gift vouchers to an expensive beauty parlor or upmarket boutique.

Gift Ideas for Him

Choosing a gift for a man can be an interesting job especially if you
know his tastes. Popular gifts include ties, cuff links, shirts, pens, Zippos,
Swiss knives and so on. A bottle of a man’s favorite liquor will please him
no end. Men love gizmos, so look for stuff like the latest I-pods, mobile
phones, laptops and other gadgets. Sports are also big on every man’s
radar, gift him tickets to sporting events he digs or pick up T-shirts with
logos of his favorite team or souvenirs. You can also give gifts related to
his hobbies like music CDs, fi shing rods, golf clubs and so on.

Choosing unique presents for Teenagers

Teenagers are a fi nicky lot and at a stage where they want to express their
individuality. They love to pick their own clothes and accessories so gift
vouchers to fashion stores they frequent is something that will be appreciated.
Teens are at a stage where they are growing into adults. Gizmos
like digital cameras, I-pods, music systems , mobiles, computer games
and similar products will win you brownie points. You could also host a
party for your teen and his/her friends.

Birthday stuff for Kids

Toys suitable to each age group make ideal gifts. Little tots like colorful
toys that move and make noise, pull-alongs, rattles and toy cars are
right up their alley. Children from 5 to 10 upwards would enjoy simple
games and toys that require effort and imagination from their side, board
games, puppets, puzzles, bicycles are good ideas. Those 10 to 12 can
handle more complicated games like fast paced computer games. If you
don’t want to gift toys, you can go for the perennial favorite candies and
chocolates. Want to get a little innovative, gift kid furniture, the animal
shaped stools and chairs will be a hit with smaller kids, older kids will
love funky designs. You can also gift something that has utility value or
an educational component like fancy piggy banks, do-it-yourself handicraft
or jigsaw kits, educational CDs and so on.

Now, we wish you lots of fun shopping for birthdays.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Cute Break-up Gifts for Him and Her

It’s always great to say good bye in a nice way. You had good times,
now you feel things are not going your way, and then it’s only nice if
you broke up in a friendly way. What better way than a cute or unique
gift for him or her.

Going through a break-up can be a very traumatic experience. When
the tears fl ow free and depression is a constant companion, any one
going through a break-up needs some good friends around to shake up
the gloom. Show someone who has gone through a break-up that you
care by gifting something that will bring cheer.

The evergreen gift for any situation is a bouquet of flowers. The sight
of fresh, bright flowers in full bloom can bring joy to the dreariest mind.
If you want to go a step further, gift a lush, green potted plant.
A comfort gift is a good choice. Soft, comfort cushions and pillows are
available in a wide array of colors and shapes; they make great break-up
gifts. Other popular gifts are teddy bears or soft toys which you can
attach a simple yet sweet message to.

Breaking up in Peace

Candle and bath sets can play a role in soothing ruffled feelings –
aromatherapy is really in when it comes to break-up gifts. Aromatic
candles with scents like citrus, lavender or pine can change the feel of
the place and lift your friend or relative out of depression. Sweet smelling
bubble baths, shower gels and soaps in delightful fragrances like
rose, vanilla and chocolate can also rev up the spirit. If you want to go a
step further, you can gift him/her a voucher for a relaxing massage at a
spa or massage centre.

Cute ways to gift and part

Eating delicious food is a feel good activity. In fact, research has proved
that chocolates actually release endorphins that make us feel good about
ourselves. Gift some gourmet chocolates wrapped in a pretty bag. A wine
basket or a basket of gourmet goodies would make a nice gift too. If you
enjoy baking, you could bake a yummy chocolate cake or a batch of
cookies, wrap it in a pretty wrapper and gift it.

Wearing something new with a humorous message or a cheery quote
could perk up the day. Gift a bright tee with a message. You could also
gift a mug with a happy message that inspires or has a dash of fun.
A gift that distracts the mind from the pain of a break-up is a good
antidote. Think books, pick books that make light reading or those with
a humorous overtone. Alternately, pick up a good DVD or a CD by his/
her favorite singer.

A thing of beauty can also numb the mind to grief. Gift a beautiful
artifact like a vase, statue, wall panel and so on.

Now, this little break up gift guide should help you make up your mind
on a break-up gift.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

What Gifts to Buy for Your Boss

Deciding what to buy for your boss can be quite a bit of a dilemma.
Buying something exorbitant or expensive could be embarrassing,
yet something too small might make you look cheap. This is one gift
where you defi nitely need to stop, think and proceed before you zero in
on it. Avoid picking up something too personal like items of clothing or
jewelry to avoid embarrassment.

One of the wonderful gifts you can give your boss is a remembrance
of successes or good times shared. Get a group picture of your boss with
co-workers and put it in an attractive photo frame or album and gift it.
Flowers are great for any occasion; send your boss a generous bouquet
of fresh fl owers with a warm message.

Cute Desk Accessories

Desk accessories are a good option. Funky cartoon pen stands can break
the monotony of work. A small art piece like a small framed painting, a
statue, animal sculptures and so on will also be appreciated. Inspiration
paperweights or plaques which contain an inspiring message can be just
the thing to perk up a day. Clocks are always appreciated, look out for an
unusual clock, maybe in wood or silver.

Business Gifts

A silver plated business card holder will be an accessory that will be
cherished. A deluxe leather business portfolio or a project manager’s
portfolio kit will also make a great gift. You could also gift desktop
leather gift sets, leather passport holders, leather cheque book holders
and similar functional gifts. Designer pen sets make classic gifts that
every boss will love you for.

Books are a good gift that will be cherished. If you know the kind of
stuff your boss reads, pick up a book. Alternately you could gift a gift
voucher to a bookstore. You can gift a magazine subscription and your
boss will enjoy the gift all year through.

Pamper your boss with a gourmet gift basket. Pick up a gourmet chocolate
basket, wine basket or one that stocks up gourmet goodies like fi ne
cheeses or cookies. Dried fruit or nut selections are also a great idea.
Most bosses are stressed out. Gift something that will bring
relaxation – a CD with the sounds of the seashore or birdsong make
lovely gifts. You can also gift a set of exotic and aromatic oils. Bath sets
with luxury soaps, shower gels, candles and so on make a relaxing gift

Use these pointers to fi nd the perfect gift for your boss and watch him/
her light up with a million dollar smile when you give the gift.

Boss gift quote
If you think your boss is stupid, remember:
you wouldn’t have a job if he was any smarter.
Albert A. Grant