Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is that time of the year when sharing, caring and exchanging gifts with each other are the buzzwords. Bring in the cheery spirit of the season by picking gifts that will be appreciated and remembered
for years to come.

Gifts with a Christmas theme are the most-sought after. Jewelry boxes with a Christmas painting on them, star shaped pendants, Santa or reindeer stuffed toys and so on bring a Christmassy feel. A Christmas
stocking fi lled with goodies like candy, perfume, little toys, Christmas story books or CDs would be ideal for kids. You could create your own Christmas theme gift by buying clothes in red for instance.

Candles are strongly associated with Christmas and you could gift candles in fancy shaped like stars, Christmas trees and so on. Gift a Christmas ornament personalized with the recipient’s or family’s name,
this gift will become a traditional decoration that will be used for many Christmases to come.

Gourmet food baskets with fi ne cheeses, tinned food, chocolates and other products make a good gift. Freshly baked cookies in a decorative tin or jar make lovely gifts too. A bottle of wine or champagne is also the ideal gift to kick off the celebratory mood.

Subscriptions to magazines make wonderful gifts that the recipient will enjoy all year through. Since there is a magazine to suit every taste ranging from gardening, cookery, fashion to science, you can pick to suit
individual tastes. You can even think of gifting tickets to sports, concert and theater events that you feel the receiver will enjoy.

Send out a warm message to combat the cold winter season. Gift a cashmere scarf, windcheater, hand-painted silk scarf, pullover and so on. Watches are great gifts and you’ll fi nd one to suit every budget and taste.

Luggage or handbags are functional and make useful gifts. You have overnighters, backpacks, handbags, briefcases, laptop cases and more to choose from.

In today’s fast-paced world, gizmos and gadgets are welcome. Based on the size of your budget, pick up ipods, laptops, DVD players or music systems. Gaming is big and there are new games released around
Christmas and these would bring hours of joy to die-hard gaming freaks. Digital cameras or video cameras are a gift that anyone would enjoy as they help to capture and entire store-house of memories.

Give the gift of relaxation – gentle body massagers and neck massagers can massage away the cares of the world. Aromatic massage oils and relaxing bath sets also banish stress.

Now, all you need to do is, go out and shop till you drop.

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.
Burton Hillis

Monday, November 9, 2015

Rock Your Lady on Christmas with Endearing Presents

Every woman gives a special bit of herself to the family throughout her life. Christmas is a time to pamper her with a gift that she will love, cherish and remember as the days go by. If you plan to gift her something special, start the hunt now.

Most women love to adorn themselves with beautiful jewelry. Jewelry as a gift is beautiful because it can convey a special meaning, holds sentimental value and also has material value. Add a special touch to the jewelry you pick, for instance, if you plan to gift a pendant on a chain, pick a pendant with the recipient’s favorite flower, animal, sport or something symbolic of the relationship you share. You can also choose jewelry that incorporates the zodiac sign or the birth stone of the recipient.

Women usually have to work hard balancing home, career and kids. Give a woman something that will de-stress her and pamper her. A gift certificate to an exotic spa or a spa hamper with lovely essential oils,
candles, gel and so on are good ideas. You can also gift luxury perfumes or cosmetics if you know her tastes well enough.

Women are as tech-savvy as men today. Choose a gadget that will be useful but also have a feminine touch if possible. Think laptops with designer skins, sleek mobiles, i-pods in pastel shades or karaoke for
i-pods, digital photo collection key-chain, digital camera and so on.

If you are looking for something romantic to please the woman this Xmas, think sensuous designer lingerie, a box of expensive chocolates, a huge Teddy bear, a bed sheet with hearts all over. You can gift clothes but
unless you know her taste and sizes well enough don’t attempt it. Don’t forget to add a large bouquet of red roses to go with these gifts, for best effect turn up at her home in a Santa Claus costume and surprise her!

Gift some entertainment to spice up a woman’s life, pick movies or music she will enjoy. If you have a bigger budget, a sophisticated music system for her home or car will be great.

If the woman loves to travel, how about gifting an exotic vacation. If that stretches your pocket too much, try luxury travel accessories like overnighters, business cases and other luggage. A designer handbag that’s in vogue is also a gift that will be admired.

Once you’ve picked the ideal gift, gift it to her as you sing a beautiful Christmas carol wishing her a Merry Christmas.

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!
Hamilton Wright Mabie

Friday, November 6, 2015

Stump Your Man on Christmas with These Awesome Gifts

Been stumped at fi nding the ideal Christmas gift for a man? Not to worry, Santa’s assistant gives you some interesting tips on picking the perfect gift that will leave him pleased as punch!

Most men are entertainment buffs. A music system with all those watts of powerful sound or a Plasma TV are ideas that will never fail to impress. If your man travels a lot, try a portable DVD player or the latest i-pod.

If you eavesdrop on men talking, you’ll fi nd that the most discussed subject after women is probably gadgets. The i-phone is the hottest on wish-lists but other innovative gadgets can get them excited too. MP3
sunglasses are simply cool, they protect your man’s eyes and are a smart way to listen to his favorite music too. Also try the hot new laptops that come with funky skins.

If the gift recipient is an adventurous type, look for a gift that will suit his personality. A glossy travel book that will stir his imagination enough to take the road not taken is a gift that will bring much cheer. Look for
other adventure gear like a compass, binoculars, sleeping bag, knapsack, Swiss knife and so on.

Is your gift recipient a James Bond fan? Gift him some spy stuff, he’s bound to be thrilled and amused. Look at what you have in store - wrist watch walkie talkies, telephone voice changer to disguise your voice,
sonic super ear which allows you to hear even faint sounds from far clearly, walkie talkie sunglasses, a scanning FM radio pen and others. Oh and yes of course, James Bond DVDs and spy thriller books.

If the recipient of your gift is a die-hard corporate man, it makes your job simpler. Look for smart cuff-links, unusual ties – you can get as wacky as picking up one with a Disney character, formal shirts, fine
leather belts and so on. Since he is bound to spend most of his waking hours at his desk, an interesting desk accessory can add a nice touch, try a Sudoku cube, magnetic sculptures, crystal paperweights, unusual book
ends and so on.

If the recipient of your gift is a connoisseur of fi ne food and drink (most men are) splurge on something expensive. A gift hamper of expensive cheeses and fi ne wine is absolutely perfect. You can also surprise him by putting together a custom hamper of his favorite foods. And if you really want him to have sweet memories of your Christmas gift, go out and buy the biggest hamper of delicious chocolates that you can find.

Now, get cracking and play Santa!

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.
Norman Vincent Peale

Monday, November 2, 2015

Cute Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Bring in Christmas fun for the special woman in your life by gifting something cute and unique. Stay away from the common and mundane and take that extra bit of effort to find a gift as cute as she is.

Every woman wants to look her dazzling best during the Christmas season. Wait a bit, don’t just pick the common make-up sets, spend a little time and pick up make-up with a color theme. Try creating a makeup
basket based on colors like strawberry, bronze and so on. Tie on a pair of Christmas bells to the handle of the basket with a satin ribbon and you are ready to go.

Thinking of gifting a gadget, don’t just gift a gadget, gift gadgets with appropriate accessories. For instance, if you plan to gift a cell-phone gift one with decorative cell-phone bags in different colors that can be matched with dresses. If you are gifting a DVD player make sure you also gift some favorite movies or new movies along with it.

Want to gift a dress? Don’t just gift a dress, gift it along with a matching handbag, shoes, watch, you can even add jewelry if you want to. This is one gift that is bound to win over the lady like nothing else can. She
will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

Most women, this xmas, love cute animal or bird figurines. Stay away from the crystals and regular china ones, look for the more decorative ones with hand-painted details – brilliant tropical fish, camels with decorative saddles, elephant with a carriage and so on. These collectibles will be gifts that they will cherish and can even be passed on with affection to the next generation.

If you want to gift jewelry, look for unusual pieces in a different style from what you would normally pick, a good bet would be to pick up jewelry from another country like traditional Russian, Indian, Celtic jewelry. This will not only spice up her wardrobe but also hold a special place in her heart.

Gift a painting, this is not just artistic but also something that will make her remember you every time she looks at it. You can also get her portrait painted by an artist to show how much you love her.

Gift her a vacation to a place she’ll love, you have the world to choose from, warm sea side resorts to cold mountain resorts, there’s plenty to indulge her with. What matters above all is that you give the cute gift with a warm hug.

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.
W T Ellis