Friday, September 26, 2014

Picking best gifts for the Aquarius woman

The classy, sophisticated and intelligent Aquarian woman will love gifts that appeal to her refined taste or appeal to her intellect. A few tips to woo her with gifts.

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

The Aquarius woman is cultured, sophisticated and has a sharp, inquiring mind. Books provide great fodder for her thought, however avoid history, mushy romances and fantasy, she is rather forward thinking. Go for books that have a progressive view of life or science fiction

Choose classy gifts for your Aquarian women

This lady puts a lot of stock by looking well-groomed and well-dressed. Bright fuchsia, cobalt blue or charcoal gray are colours that work really well for her. Pick up a nice gown or an evening gown or dress with a futuristic twist.

If gifting jewelry is on your mind, remember that it’s not mere material value that sways this sign. It may not be that expensive diamond but that custom designed piece that’s original that will win her over.

Floor your Aquarian girl with cool gadgets

Many feel that women are not great gadget freaks but the Aquarius woman adores them. An i-pad, a GPRS system, a laptop and so on make nice gifts. She is likely to enjoy photography, so gift a digital camera with interesting features that can keep her clicking away to heart’s content.

Pandering to her social consciousness

The Aquarius woman is committed to social causes, gift her tickets to a fund-raising concert or dinner or donate money for a cause in her name. Gift something environment-friendly like a recycled piece of furniture or handicrafts made from natural products.

She loves friends. Throw her a birthday party complete with great food and her friends. Gift her a well-stocked gourmet basket with enough fine wine, cheese and other goodies that can be shared.

New age gifts that woo her

New age gifts fascinate Aquarius.  Try gifting a pack of Tarot cards with an instruction book, a beautiful crystal, a gemstone bracelet, aromatherapy oils or a spa package. A nice piece of art would be much appreciated. If you want to gift an artifact, look for something rare or unusual, say an old Roman coin, an unusual figurine, an antique and so on.

These ideas should help you come up with a fabulous birthday gift for the Aquarius woman.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Great gifts to buy for your Aquarius man

Gift your intelligent, creative and well-groomed Aquarian man something that complements his taste and interests like books, art or clothes. What gifts endear him to you, find out.

(20 Jan – Feb 18)

The Aquarius man is quite fond of technological advancements and this makes hi-tech gadgets like the latest i-phone, GPRS system, tablet and so on good choices. Most of them enjoy being shutterbugs so a digital camera with some good features works well too.

Gifting the curious Aquarian man

The Aquarius man, by the very nature of his star sign, has a keen inquiring mind which makes him a book lover. Gift him books that deal with travel, philosophy, political history and science.  He will love holidaying in unusual places, so if you plan to gift a vacation, make sure it’s unique, like say an oasis in a desert. Gift cool adventure gear like sun glasses, a backpack, Swiss knife, sleeping bag or a tent.

Dining with the foodie

As per the zodiac Aquarius men love to eat. Why not cook up his favorite meal or take him out to a fine dining restaurant to celebrate? If you have enough time, create a custom gourmet food basket with fine wine, cheeses and tinned delights.

The Aquarius man loves to flaunt a toned body. How about gifting a subscription to a gym, gym clothes or even sneakers? They like to present themselves well so a formal shirt or a tie would be a good addition to his wardrobe.  Purple, blues and sunset orange are the colors associated with this sign and you could look for these when choosing clothes.

Stir the artist in the Aquarius man

An artistic touch is something that every Aquarian star sign has. Gift a painting, a beautiful statue or figurines. If you have a talent for art and craft, make something especially for him and he will be thrilled to bits. He also enjoys cooking especially rustling up a barbecue for friends.Gift a barbecue grill or a nice set of saucepans.

How about something that features the Aquarius zodiac symbol? Try zodiac watches, personalized zodiac mugs, zodiac keychains and zodiac T-shirts with witty captions. You can also gift a ring with the Aquarius birthstone, Amethyst. Gift some DVDs or home entertainment systems that lets him relax.

This should help you pick up the right birthday gift for the Aquarius man.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Awesome birthday gifts to buy for the Scorpio man

Sentimental and mysterious, the Scorpion man is the kind to cherish gifts that reflect your care and understanding of his tastes. Here’s a guide to best gifts for him.

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

The Scorpio man is quite sentimental and for him, the thought that goes behind a gift counts. He will be happy if you remembered his favorite brand of cheese or preference in music for instance. For him, it’s not about being flashy but about being clued in to him. You can even gift a scrapbook full of his phtographs, he will cherish it.

Scorpios love mystery gifts

The Scorpio man loves to cultivate a mysterious air and keep his private life secret. Things that appeal to this side of him like spy novels, large sunglasses or notebooks with locks will be appreciated. Even when it comes to colors, he is attracted to mysterious colors like green and black or passionate colors like red. So, if you intend buying him clothes, watch for these colors.
Scorpios, as per the ancient zodiac, are quite sensuous and seductive creatures. Gift the Scorpio man a pampering massage, a spa package, a seductive perfume and so on.

Do it yourself kits for Scorpion men

By their star sign nature, many Scorpio men love to fix things around the house by themselves. Gift a nice tool kit, a drill or a power saw and the Scorpio man is bound to be uber thrilled. The Scorpio man loves water sports, so gift him something that takes him to the seaside and he will be enjoy it. There are plenty of choices, swimming gear, a new surf board, scuba diving lessons, a cruise trip and more.

The Scorpio man’s taste veers towards classic, so good formal shirts make a fine choice. He also likes leather, so a snazzy leather jacket, a nice leather wallet or a leather belt are great ideas.

The way to a Scorpio man’s heart is through his stomach

Good food is Scorpio’s passion. Throw a lavish party for him featuring gourmet food or take him out to an upmarket restaurant where he can tuck into an exotic meal. You can also make up a gourmet food hamper that fatures fine wine, sauces, cheeses, meat and more.

These tips should help you locate the ideal birthday gift that will appeal to the Scorpio man.

Friday, September 19, 2014

How to pick the perfect gift for the Scorpio woman

The seductive, sharp Scorpio woman has luxurious tastes and a penchant for adventure; choose a gift that panders to her taste. A guide to best gifts for her.

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

The Scorpio woman is quite the femme fatale and one of the most exotic, magnetic and seductive signs of the Zodiac. She knows the power she wields over men and an exotic Oriental scent would make an ideal birthday gift. You can also shop for sexy lingerie and lace or satin or a lace-up leather corset to fire up her fantasies!

Luxury, thy name is Scorpio

The Scorpio woman loves to be surrounded for luxury. If you want to throw a party for her, make sure that you leave no stone unturned to make it lavish. When it comes to the choice of food and beverages, go for expensive ones, the more expensive and exotic, the better.

Awesome accessories to woo her

Want to gift the Scorpio woman accessories? Get it right by gifting accessories that reflect her confidence and personality. Turquoise is the birthstone for the month, so you can go with turquoise jewelry, a sparkling stud, a stunning bracelet or chain should do the trick. If it’s a handbag, go for a classy one from a premium brand

The Scorpio woman loves to cultivate that aura of mystery around her and mysterious things fascinate her. Gift her spy novels or spy gadgets that she can use in daily life, for instance a multi-function watch, a secret voice recorder or penlight and she’s sure to be thrilled. You can also gift designer sunglasses to add a mysterious dimension to her personality.

Gifting the adventurous Scorpio woman

Whisk the Scorpio woman off on a holiday and she will love it!  Make sure it has an element of adventure like snorkelling, scuba diving, moutaineering, rafting or bungee jumping. Gift something related to travel like luggage, a cosmetic bag, a camera and so on.

The Scorpio woman has a shrewd mind and loves to play games on and off the boardroom. Pick up games that call for strategy and sharp decision making like chess, detective games or the more intellectual video games.

These tips should help you pick a gift that will be loved and cherished for long after.

How to pick the perfect gift for the Libran man

The Libran gentleman by sun sign is the ultimate sophisticate so art, culture and great clothes are his passion

The Libra man is vivacious, easy-going and flirtatious. Quite the social type, he loves having friends around. While choosing a birthday gift, look for something that truly complements his refined personality. The Libran man loves gifts, so instead of just one gift, give him a set of gifts wrapped up elegantly. The whole process of unwrapping them is a ceremony he will enjoy.
Art, music and culture is something the Libran man has a taste for. Tickets to the theater, a music concert, music DVDs or even a musical instrument will make good birthday gifts. Coffee table books, history tours, interior d├ęcor objects, sculptures, wall hangings and so on will appeal to him.

Feed the Libran foodie

He is quite the foodie, so dinner at an upmarket restaurant or a special gourmet basket that features fine wine, cheese, sauces and chocolates would be quite appealing too. Cooking a special gourmet meal for him at home will be greatly cherished.

The Libran traveller

The Libran man loves to travel. Look for lighweight luggage, compasses, travel books and guides, a canvas backpack or even an exotic holiday package. They love a life of luxury and pampering. How about gifting a relaxing massage at a spa? You can also gift a hamper filled with exotic spa products that let all the senses soak in them.

Based on the zodiac sign, the elegant and sophisticated Libran man dresses to impress. Well-tailored suits, shirts and expensive accessories to match are his kind of thing. You can’t go wrong with them. They also love fine fragrances. Look for expensive perfume with an aura of distinction.

Awaken the artist in him

Art is a good gift for the Libran man who loves to appreciate them. While choosing art, look for conventional choices like landccapes, rustic scenery, people and so on, avoid abstracts. You can also give zodiac signed theme gifts, try cuff-links shaped like the scales that represent Libra, Libran pendants, Libran tees and so on.

These smart tips should help you get the Libran man’s birthday gift perfectly correct!