Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cute Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

A wedding anniversary is a day to celebrate the beautiful relationship that both of you have built. Give your partner something cute that will stay close to her heart throughout her life. Step away from conventional gifts and find something really cute.

Gift her fl owers but do it with a different flourish, get them arranged in the Japanese Ikebana style. A cute little beaded drawstring bag fi lled with chocolates or an expensive perfume can make a lovely gift too.

Seashells make a very romantic gift, how about a seashell lamp for your bedroom to help ignite the passion. You can also pick up cute seashell lamps, candle stands or large ornamental seashells that signify the beauty of your love.

Soft toys make a cute gift, pick something a little unusual, instead of one teddy bear pick a teddy couple or a teddy in a pouch. Gift a heart pillow in deep red, get a special message embroidered or printed on it for your wife, to add that extra thrill to the gift.

Cute Jewelry for Wife
Women always love jewelry, stay away from the all-too-predictable heart shapes, look for jewelry with a bit of spunk. How about a chain with a parrot or peacock pendant, if you can find one studded with glittering stones that would be perfect. You could pick up a ring or bracelet inscribed with a touching message like ‘I am yours for keeps’.

Walking through the rows of chocolate gifts, you might feel tempted to pick out for one of them. Wait a bit though, drop the chocolates and reach out for a gift box of the tastiest nuts and add a message that says, ‘I am nuts about you’.

Cute Gift Ideas for Her
Life is full of stress, why not give your beloved wife something that makes life feel calmer and happier. Gift a table-top fountain - a Candle Tabletop Fountain, a Feng Shui Table Top Fountain, a Quartz Stone Meditation Fountain, there’s plenty to pick from. If you want something that will luxuriously pamper her, make up a special spa basket, remember to include her favorite fragrant soap, shower gel, exotic massage oils, scented candles and add in your own handwritten coupon valid for a sexy massage. We guarantee that this is one gift that will keep her hooked to you for life.

Whisk her off to adventure island! Who does not love to get off on a surprise holiday? Make bookings on a luxury cruise or a sunny island to make the best of this romantic anniversary getaway. These cute ideas should go a long way in ensuring that you stay the king of her heart 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cute Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Your wife is the apple of your eye, the woman who has helped you build a home on a foundation of love. What to gift her anniversary? Here are cute ideas.

A woman who has transformed your house into a warm home filled with happiness. This anniversary, make that extra effort to make it truly special by gifting her an anniversary gift that she will never forget.

An anniversary gift need not be as flamboyant as a world trip or a Kohinoor diamond, but remember to be thoughtful. A great anniversary gift is a romantic cruise, look up the ads, you are bound to find a luxury
holiday cruise where you can enjoy each other’s company on azure blue seas.

Women love to be pampered. Why not gift your wife a day at the spa and join in too. It can be quite a treat for both of you to get pampered together.

An anniversary is a time for mushy romance, don’t gift your wife a mere bunch of roses like everyone else does, fill your bedroom with bunches of roses in different hues.

If she loves gardening, gift her rose plants or other exotic flowering plants. Bring back the childish glee you both shared, gift her a big teddy bear. Write her a poem about how much she means to you or if you are not all that great with words, get a professional to do it. Get it engraved on a crystal, glass or metal keepsake and she will cherish this for life.

Gift her something she can use at work but make sure it’s something that will make the mundane interesting. Think a Volkswagen memory stick or a Swarovski pen drive. How about an exotic semi-precious stone studded leather bound journal to record some brilliant ideas?

Women have to juggle many different things in life. How about gifting her a selection of fine teas that she can sip after a spell of house work? You can also gift her a comfy lounging robe in luxury fabrics like satin
or silk to relax in.

An anniversary is also a time to remind her of all the romantic rendezvous you have enjoyed. Gift her a love hamper filled with naughty treats like sensual massage accessories, sexy bedroom games, aphrodisiac delights, edible powder and so on. The perfect way to reinvent the joys of love-making on your anniversary.

A good perfume is a wonderful gift, make sure you pick an expensive one that is sensuous and sexy, every time she sprays it on, she will remember you.

Use these tips to wow your wife on your anniversary, after all she deserves the best.

Cute Anniversary Gifts for Wife Quote
A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.
Paul Sweeney

Friday, July 24, 2015

Awesome Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Make your anniversary special by surprising your hubby with a memorable gift that will touch his heart and endear you to him.

A wedding anniversary is the right time to rekindle the romance and bring back the passion into your marriage. A time for warm sentiments and sharing.

Men love good food, the world over. Cooking up a special anniversary meal is one of the best gifts ever. Make sure the menu includes all his favorites and take time to create a romantic ambience. Bring out those candles, lace table-cloths and silver cutlery, not to forget some good wine or champagne to complement it.

Accessories that accentuate your husband’s wardrobe will be welcome at any time. A wristwatch is a good anniversary gift as it’s functional and will also remind him of you every time he looks at it. Cuff-links not only pep up your man’s attire, their mischievous glint will remind him of you. Look for classy and unusual cuff-links, if you can afford a generous budget, go for platinum cuff-links or diamond-studded ones. Belts with fancy buckles or elegant formal ones that make up his collection will be appreciated.

Champagne signals celebrations. Pick up a pair of elegant champagne glasses and get both your names printed on it. Buy a bottle of expensive fancy bubbly, pour it into them and drink to the happiness of your marriage.

Get an artist to paint a picture of both of you from a photograph, frame this and gift it to your husband. He will love the sentimental gift. Gift a personal care product – splurge on an expensive perfume or aftershave for your man! You could even give make up a bath hamper with monogrammed luxury towels, soaps, perfume, shower gel, a manicure set and so on.

Most men are crazy about electronic gadgets and the scent of a new gadget could set their hearts racing. Do check out websites for the trendiest new gadgets in the market. Pick up the latest mobile that he’s been hankering after or get a snazzy laptop. You can also gift other gadgets like i-pods, electronic organizers, ravel DVD players, music systems and so on.

Clothes are a good anniversary gift, but don’t stop with just one shirt. Pick up a series of shirts and wrap them up in a colorful box. You can also pick up a leather jacket that looks trendy and will keep him warm.

These ideas should help with your anniversary shopping but no matter what you gift your husband, remember to add a bear hug and kiss.

Anniversary Gifts for Husband Quote
Strike an average between what a woman thinks of her husband a month before she marries him and what she thinks of him a year afterward, and you will have the truth about him.
H.L. Mencken

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