Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cute gadget gifts that children love

Today’s tech savvy kids love gadgets that stimulate their imagination and are action-packed.

Kids today are quite gadget savvy and can operate everything from tablets, mobile phones to remote controlled toys with ease. Gift them a gadget and it will have them engaged for hours. While choosing, make sure the gadgets are age appropriate, with a little scouting around, you should find something that fits your budget perfectly.

Introduce kids to the wonders of space by choosing gadgets that acquaint them with it. The Star Theater Pro for instance has discs that project images and let your kids witness 10000 stars besides the sun, moon and the earth. Model rockets that can be shot hundreds of feet in the air are thrilling too. For teens, gifts like a telescope or binoculars would help them discover the universe.

Tablets are versatile and make great gifts as they can be used for everything form browsing, playing games to watching movies. Go for tablets that come with parental controls, so you can keep them away from age inappropriate content.

Remote controlled vehicles and aircraft are gadgets kids of any age would love. Remote controlled cars and bugs area ideal for small kids but for pre-teens and teens go for remote controlled helicopters or UFOs.
Teens and pre-teens will enjoy point and shoot cameras. The Polaroid cameras that instantly print will ensure they have loads of fun. Spy gadgets let kids play detective. You can gift them fun spy gear for kids like a spywatch, rearview glasses, bionic ear, pen with invisible ink or an electronic voice transformer.

Games are always hot on a child’s radar! If you have the budget, choose an X-Box or pick up handheld console games they can enjoy. A mini talking robot makes a good gift as it not only entertains but also educates.  Some of the robots offer great storytelling capabilities; some can even play games like hide-and-seek or tag.

When it comes to fitness, catch kids early! There are many different fitness gadgets that kids can be gifted with and these help make fitness a regular part of their lives. A digital jump rope, just-for-kids pedometers, GPS sport watch or a SportBand are good ideas.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cute craft gifts to buy for children

Gift crafts, they have a touch of sentiment that will be cherished.

Handmade crafts always have that warm fuzzy, personal feeling about them. Gift a child a craft that you have specially created for him or her and she will be thrilled. You can also give children craft-making kits that help them express their creativity.

Are you good at knitting? Knit a warm shawl or sweater and personalize it for the child with a touch of quirkiness. If you enjoy painting, paint a funky design on a T-shirt and embellish it with a few rhinestones or a touch of glitter and gift this. Gift something sentimental, make a nice collage or a scrapbook of the child’s photographs.

Crafts can also help in recycling things and saving our environment. Don’t throw away old newspaper, it can be made into woven baskets, jewelry or papier mache which in turn you can use to make bowls, organizers and more. Plastic bags can be cut into strips and crocheted together to make interesting bags and home d├ęcor items. Recycled gifts help in building a love for our planet.

For small kids, stamping kits and clay moulding kits make good choices. A fun Sticker Calendar Kit will delight them as they craft their own original calendar that they can proudly hang in their rooms. Finger Painting Kits and Coloring Kits are ideal too.

Pre-teens have better motor control, visual perception and design skills. Sun-catcher Kits and Mosaic Kits come with many diverse themes ranging from colorful butterflies, birds to landscapes. A Fun Fabric Bag Kit lets them create a colorful bag to hold their goodies or go shopping. Paper Bag Puppet Kits, Mosaic Kits and so on make good gifts.

Teenagers can handle more complicated crafts so kits that involve new skills work well. Try a Knitting Kit, Origami Kit, Multi-craft Weaving Kit, Tie & Dye Kit, Candle Making Kit, Design Your Own Fragrance Kit or Bath Bomb Factory. If you want to get the teens interested in cooking, gift them a Make Your Own Chocolate Kit or a Cup Cake Decorating Kit.  For laughs, you can gift a Knit Your Own Beard Kit, believe it or not it’s available online.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

9 cute birthday gifts for children

Make the birthday child feel truly loved with a gift that shows you care.

A child’s birthday is the most special day in his or her calendar. Each child waits for this day with bated breath and counts the days to it.  This is an occasion to splurge so do go in for gifts that might be a little more expensive than what you normally gift. You can even gift two or three gifts, the more the merrier!

In today’s digital world, gadgets figure on top of the wish lists of most kids. There is the dilemma of when to start with cell phones, in today’s world you can start when the child starts going to school with say the Fireflow Glow Phone which allows dialling of just three numbers. For slightly older kids, you can go for better phones that include options like a family tracker that can track their location. Tweens and teens would love the latest smartphone. A Playstation or X-Box is another gadget children love.

Keep our planet beautiful for coming generations. Cultivate a love for nature by giving birthday gifts that do just this. Let kids enjoy the miracle of planting seeds and watching them grow. A gardening tool kit, colourful pots and gardening books will get them hooked to gardening. You can also gift a bird bath that encourages birds to visit.

Children are born creative. Let them explore their creative side with a creative hobby. There is a wide range of hobby kits you can choose from pottery kits, papier mache kits, coloring kits, knitting kits and so on.
What’s childhood without a dash of mischief! Gift some pranks for a laugh. An annoying sound machine, shock chewing gum, instant audience sound machine, exploding lighter and remote controlled tarantula are some harmless prank gifts that are fun!

Children love personalized stuff.  There are many gifts with options that you can personalize with the child’s photo and maybe even a fun line about the child. Some of the popular personalized gifts are tees, mugs, cushions, name plates, bags and so on.

Getting kids outdoors for outdoor play builds a healthy balance between their mental and physical activity. Gifts like a good pair of binoculars, trekking or camping gear will have them excited and ready to hit the outdoors.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Buying surprise gifts for children

Look beyond the usual gifts and come up with a real surprise.

Everyone enjoys a surprise, show your love and affection for kids by giving them surprise gifts. The look of joy in their eyes and their beautiful smiles would be the most rewarding thing you ever felt.
Chocolates are always a surprise gift that can thrill kids. A chocolate bar personalized with the child’s name will make it even more special.

A sound effect machine can liven up any situation, with sounds that range from the familiar and funny to bizarre, this makes a fun gift. Remote controlled toys are quite a craze with kids and you can find cars, bikes, insects, lanes and even UFOs.

Dressing up gifts allows kids to give free rein to their imagination! Gift a quirky cap, a set of stick-on mustaches, fairy wings or temporary tattoo sets. Girls always want to look prettier, so make-up sets or nail design kits are bound to delight them.

Video games seem to be all the rage but you can introduce kids to the pleasure of board games by gifting all-time favorite board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Chinese Checkers, Ludo and so on. Make sure you devote some time teaching them these wonderful games that filled your childhood with happy memories.
Make meals fun for kids by gifting personalized Teddy Bear cutlery, a great way to also motivate them to eat up their veggies without making a fuss. You can also get them a fun children’s pizza or baking set, they will enjoy trying out the basics of cooking.

Most kids love nature, animals and birds. Gift bird feeders and bird baths which will attract birds, kids will love watching them. Gift potted plants or indoor plants like bonsai or money plants.  Nature sound CDs are another way to keep kids engrossed.

Books always make great gifts.  For toddlers and children below five choose colorful books with little text, also look out for books that come with sounds, this enhances the reading experience.  For children above five, look for books that revolve around the adventures of children their age. Teenagers will enjoy thrillers and romance.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Amazing anniversary gifts for parents

Gift your parents something personalized or something with a sentimental touch. Here are our recommendations.

The wedding anniversary of your parents is the perfect opportunity to celebrate their love and cherish all that they have done for the family. Spend time in choosing a gift that they will love. 
Bring back beautiful memories of their wedding day by gifting couple rings. These can be bands engraved with both their names inside or a ring with stones corresponding to the number of years that they have been married. Couple watches are a nice idea too.

Personalized anniversary gifts add a sentimental touch. An anniversary plate that commemorates the occasion is a keepsake that cam adorn the wall. A pillow case set personalized with the names of your parents bring a warm, cozy feeling. Couple mugs with their names printed on it or a set of champagne flutes in a beautiful gift box are quite romantic. 

Gift something that takes them down memory lane. Put together a photo book with happy family times or gift something that would remind them of their childhood like say a gramophone player.
Gift baskets will be appreciated for their thoughtfulness. Put together a collection of your parents’ favorite perfumes, soaps, lotions and so on. You can also gift a gourmet basket that features a custom selection of fine wine, cheese and other goodies.

Gift an experience. Have your parents ever dreamt of a vacation to a place and have never been able to make it? Why not make this dream come true. You can also gift dinner at a fine dining restaurant. You can even gift tickets to a concert or a play.

How about some health or fitness gifts? Gift a fresh fruit hamper or sweets that are low caloried and sugar-free. You can also gift fitness equipment or other kinds of fitness gear. You can even pamper them with a spa package.

Parents love to communicate with their loved ones especially grandchildren. Gift them a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop. You can also provide them with some wonderful hours of entertainment by gifting them a nice television or home theater system.