Tuesday, November 27, 2018

My Interview: Matrimony.Com’s Technology Delivers Superior Matches and Exceptional Customer Experience

“In today’s world where customer experience drives success or failure, our strategy is to drive profile registrations and expand our user base by enhancing our user experience and engagement to offer compatible matches, drive retention and fuel business.” said Rajasekar KS, GM – Marketing at Matrimony.com. Read on for Rajasekar’s insights on how customer experience directly impacts business outcomes.
Meeting rising customer expectations in real time
We leverage technology to understand our customers better and build deeper relationships with them. With over 300 matchmaking sites and several touch points including mobile apps, PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and desktop, our highly available systems offer reliable, consistent and optimized experience to over 3.7 million customers at any point in time.
Technology has raised customer expectations and they now expect instant responses. All the insights we get empower our huge calling engine to have intelligent conversations with customers. Real time customer intelligence and insights helps them show the customers that they understand them and their expectations better than anyone else. It makes us show we care. That makes them warm up to us. Through the insights gathered we deliver the best matches to members at the right time and on the right channel (app, mobile, email, desktop).
Technology enables us to seamlessly synthesize information across telesales, retail, payment assistance, customer service and digital platforms
Our award-winning matchmaking algorithm (MIMA) helps deliver matches that are relevant to the customers. Our recommendation engine studies a ton of data including user preferences, expectations and behavior, not to speak of historic data. It helps deliver high value, boost the prospects of members in finding compatible matches and ultimately drives business results.
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