Monday, November 28, 2016

World's First Content Marketing Poem

pic: DawnMedia

If ever you create content…

(a poem for content marketers)

It should be for the customer,
not the company

It should pitch for the customer,
not to the customer

It should provide customers a solution,
not an excuse

It should make customers feel smart,
not the company

It should solve the customer’s problem,
not yours

It should have a purpose,
not a purchase

Rajasekar KS
Perhaps the world's first content marketing poetry.

Friday, November 18, 2016

This Man Quit the Corporate World to Embrace Indigenous Architecture and Build Eco-Friendly Homes

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Anthony Raj worked in the corporate sector for several years before he learnt about indigenous architecture techniques and became fascinated by them. Today, he builds many eco-friendly homes in India. This is his story.

“My family wanted to invest in a farmhouse on the outskirts of Chennai, back in 2010. Our search led me to Mudaliarkuppam in Edaikazhinadu, about 80 km from the city. We were thrilled to see the huge banyan trees and the abundance of coconut, cashew, and palmyra trees there. The greenery in the area motivated us to build something that would be in sync with this beautiful land. So we came up with the idea of constructing a house using eco-friendly material, utilising indigenous architecture techniques,” says Anthony Raj, the founder-director of the Centre for Indigenous Architecture, which promotes wellness by constructing buildings using holistic architectural methods.

Anthony, who left the corporate world behind a few years ago, is currently involved in building organic habitats across the country, using an indigenous architectural approach.

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