Sunday, February 8, 2015

30 Winners Traits. How Many of Them Do You Have?

Are you a winner? Wake up and give everything to chase your dream. Lead, inspire and put a smile on faces around you. The world is waiting to cheer for you. Learn what it takes to be a winner.

1. Winners have a dream. Losers have a day dream.
Dreams are powerful thoughts that work even when you sleep. The stronger your belief, the further you go. Martin Luther King had a dream. Mahatma Gandhi had a dream.

Do you have one?

2. Winners are loved. Losers are hated.
The charisma and charm of winners has to be felt, to be understood. Their intensity sucks you in. Their passion rubs off on others. They make you feel you should be like them. Winners and their admirers share a dream. That's why they are loved.

3. Winners believe in themselves. Losers have no self belief.
Winners look for strength inwards. They back themselves fully. They know they have to do it. There's no turning back.

4. Winners take responsibility. Losers pass the buck.
When they win, they generously praise all those who contributed. When they lose, they stand up and say it's their entire fault. Generals accept defeat in war and never blame the soldiers.

5. Winners have a positive attitude. Losers are drowned by negativity.
Always look at what's doable. Begin with no fears or negative thoughts. Be ready to take a few jabs. Starting positive is half way to victory.

6. Winners never back down. Losers fail to stand up.
Thomas Alva Edison had 8000 failures before he invented the electric bulb. Mountaineers assaulted Mount Everest for thousands of years and failed, but Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay never gave up.

If you give up, you lose your dream. You lose everything.

7. Winners take risks. Losers grapple with uncertainty.
Albur and Wilbur Wright couldn't have flown a plane sitting inside their home. Neil Armstrong risked his life flying into unknown territory. Sportsmen risk injuries, scientists failures, celebrities reputation and firemen their lives. With risk comes responsibility and rewards.

Remember, the winner takes it all.

8. Winners are humble. Losers display an exaggerated sense of importance.
When you meet winners you wonder if all their successes are true. Because they are more human then you expect. Cultivate humility.

9. Winners lead the way. Losers fall by the wayside.
Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Sergey Bin, Mark Zuckerberg like to lead the world in whatever they do. The passionate belief in their work creates a tribe around them. A tribe that believes in the same philosophy, the same idea.

Where's your tribe?

10. Winners know no fear. Losers battle fears in their mind.
Winners don't think about inadequacies. They derive strength from the excitement of doing things. They don't worry about failures. They do not think about success either. They only dream about the journey.

They want to do something remarkable.

11. Winners work with people. Losers are loners.
Winners understand what makes a team tick. They are great motivators. They do it by making others realize the great powers within them. They stoke dreams, awaken the inner strengths and lead the tribe.

When they see a crowd, there're on steroids.

12. Winners always trust people, even strangers. Losers are skeptical of even family.
Winning sales leaders don't sell stuff, they only make clients realize how they could do better. They trust people and share all their knowledge. They believe everyone is good. They don't look for returns.

13. Winners are leaders. Losers are pleaders.
Winners grab opportunities where others see none. They love to lead, innovate and create. They hate mediocrity. They like to climb, jump, dive, run and fly in pursuit of doing something remarkable.

14. Winners have hope. Losers have despair.
Winners are like sailors, they know that there's a shore ahead and keep rowing. They may be alone but never without hope. Hope is the sustenance of life, did they say.

15. Winners take the less trodden path. Losers dread to try anything new.
They are bold and brave to a fault. They like to go beyond the known frontiers. They are fearless soldiers. Failures, death and pain are their friends. The search for the dream means trying the uncharted path.

16. Winners make it happen. Losers let it happen.
They like to wake up and do something. They don't like to sit and be killed by boredom and laziness.

17. Winners don't quit. Losers give up rather easily.
To quit means to die. For them quitting is more painful than death. They fight hard. There's as tough as nails. They do not throw in the towel. They like to move on.

18. Winners take everybody forward. Losers drag everybody downward.
They galvanize everyone's dreams. They fuel the hopes and passions of those around them. They talk, they joke, they laugh, they motivate. They tell stories and energize the crowd to action.

19. Winners can see the future. Losers are blinded by the past.
They have an innate ability to see the future. Winners always seem to create things that people seem to want, but do not know how to express. Tomorrow may be a mystery for many, but winners find a way to open the windows to tomorrows.

20. Winners are open minded. Losers don't listen.
They love it when their ideas are challenged. They want others to seize their ideas and improve. They care to listen. They love to experiment and fail.

21. Winners are selfless. Losers are selfish.
Winners are all about "WE". They stand above mean and selfish considerations. They want the cause to win. It's never about the individual.

22. Winners thirst for learning. Losers think they know it all.
They are all ears when reading, watching or listening to new ideas and people. They constantly learn, improve and dabble with fresh ideas. They sharpen their wisdom with every new experience.

23. Winners aim and shoot. Losers shoot and aim.
They are extremely focused. Winners have clear goals and plan their moves well. They anticipate challenges and prepare to succeed.

24. Winners are optimists. Losers are pessimists.
Even in the freezing Antarctic, they'll enjoy the ice, unmindful of the frost bites. They'll trudge through the Amazon jungles and hear the chirp of birds, without worrying too much about the lurking beasts.

25. Winners are calm. Losers are temperamental.
They can look a tiger in the eye. Winners face adversity without battling an eyelid. They bring about a sense of calmness when everyone panics. This helps with clarity of thought.

26. Winners are like a soothing balm. Losers like to hurt others.
They lend a helping hand when you need it. They never make others feel alone. They make you feel good when you're sick or emotionally down.

27. Winners take others with the faults. Losers point fingers all the time.
They always see the good things in people. Winners know that's what matters in life. The flaws get ironed out over a period in time. Winners make you feel strong by not raking up your vulnerabilities.

28. Winners speak their mind. Losers gossip.
They'd rather speak their mind and be shot dead, than stay quiet and be rewarded. Their sheer guts make them feared and admired.

29. Winners dare to feel pain. Losers panic.
They like to feel the pain of losses and failures. So it strengthens their resolve further. Winners do not sweat in the face of failure.

30. Winners thrive in the face of adversity. Losers melt.
They ride on challenges and face adversity with a smile. In fact they seek obstacles to overcome. They realize their destiny lies in conquering it.

Are you a winner? Tell the world now.