Thursday, May 7, 2009

4 Tips to Managing Long Distance Relationships

Let’s all agree that if one’s love stays hundreds of miles away, it’s pretty difficult to keep the zing in the relationship going. But, having chosen to build the bonds, you have to make all efforts to succeed.

First, take a little more time in getting to know each other well. Start by introducing a few pals and family members and see how the relationship goes.

Explore opportunities to settle down with the person at his/ her place or your city. Make the other familiar about the culture at your place.

Speak openly about the need to adjust to the new place and people.

Share your fears and wishes with the person. Be sure that both appreciate the sacrifices to be made. These should help you decide better.

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  1. I'm in long distance relationship now, it's not easy to maintain this kind of relation. The trust issue always become a problem, and time differences between my country and his country make us difficult to communicate. Hopefully we can handle all of things.