Monday, February 4, 2008

Best Valentine Dinner to Celebrate

The piece de resistance of Valentine’s Day is the dinner. Take care to plan it out well and it will be one of the most beautiful days in your life. A day that will leave behind lovely memories that you will always cherish.

The classic Valentine dinner is a romantic candle-lit one in a quiet restaurant. Carry a bouquet of red roses and a gift for your sweetheart if you are a man and a gift if you are a woman. Order a meal with wine or champagne that you can enjoy as you have a long, lingering romantic conversation. Finish off by surprising your date with a beautiful heart-shaped cake or dessert with a special message on it.

If you want to set up a customized Valentine dinner at home, here are a few ideas. First create the mood in the room by having colorful gas-filled balloons in romantic colors like pink, white or red. If you want to get more elaborate paste a few hearts on the wall or string up some heart streamers across the room.

The Valentine dinner table is going to be the centre of all action. Decorate it by draping yards of red satin across it or classic lace with a sprinkling of fresh rose petals on it. Make a beautiful centre-piece for the table with fresh red roses or a cluster of red candles. Provide individual candles at different spots on the table.

Spray a romantic scent into the air and light some mild incense. Play a selection of soft romantic songs in the backdrop to enhance the mood. Take some time to dress for Valentine dinner picking clothes that flatter and spraying on a sexy perfume especially with hints of vanilla which is an aphrodisiac.

Make dinner special, pick some attractive crockery and serve a gourmet menu that includes aphrodisiacs. Some popular aphrodisiac foods include caviar, lobster, bananas, figs, chocolate and so on. If possible, prepare something by yourself, don’t forget to serve some heart-shaped items like heart-shaped cutlets or, heart-shaped pies and so on. Pick up a bottle of the finest wine or champagne that will go with your meal and raise a toast to your relationship. Remember to finish the meal with a delicious heart-shaped dessert.
Your Valentine gift is the highlight of the evening. Gift your date a carefully chosen Valentine Day gift beautifully gift-wrapped.

These tips should help you enjoy creating the perfect Valentine dinner setting and enjoying it to the hilt.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Love Letter for your Valentine

Can't get down to writing a passionate love letter. Here's a free romantic letter to send your Valentine. Use it now.

Dear ---

Since the day I first met you, things have never been the same. My heart skipped a beat and did many tiny somersaults. Love flooded my heart and the world looks like a nicer place to live in.

You are truly a woman who is a one in a million. The sparkle in your eyes, the little smile that plays on your lips when you see me, the hundred little gestures that are so special to you captivate me. My princess, you are not just beautiful to look at, you have that rare inner beauty and charm that spills over too.

My life seemed lonely and empty until you came into my life. The emptiness was filled with a spring of happiness and the joy of a loving friend, a passionate lover. You have been there right beside me through some moments in life that have made an impact, sharing the happiness of my triumphs and helping me tide over the disappointments.

Instead of a cold apartment, I want a home filled with the warmth of your love. I also want you to be with me to share the adventures of life and the big victories.

I adore you, I love you my dear. Love they say makes the world go round but to me you are the world around which my life revolves. Waiting to see you in person and envelop you with warm hugs and kisses.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

What your Valentine wants from you

The world is gearing up for Valentine’s Day, but are you sure you are really good at deciphering what your Valentine really wants from you. Your Valentine wants plenty of love and affection and generous kisses. Here are some tips to help you express these feelings in the most enchanting way.

Love may be a feeling that lies deep inside your heart but its true beauty is revealed when it is expressed. Be flamboyant about expressing your love. Pick up a huge card that has a romantic message, make sure you get the biggest that you can find. If it’s musical, that makes it even better.

Your Valentine loves to be pampered. How about going to a spa and getting a treatment done together? It will not only relax and rejuvenate both of you but also help you bond better. If that’s not your kind of thing, do the pampering at home for Valentine’s Day. Cook a fine dinner at home or order a gourmet meal. Serve on a well-decorated Valentine table themed with red and white. White lace and red roses are classic, add some red and gold candles to make the setting more romantic.

Touch and feel are a vital part of every relationship. Keep the passion alive with some funky activities. How about a non-stop kiss-a-thon for five minutes? This can really bring back the first flush of romance. Draw up a bubble bath and pour in loads of rose petals. Enjoy the tub with your Valentine, an experience that he or she will not forget easily and the perfect way to initiate a night of passion.

Surprise is a vital element to keep up the excitement of your relationship. Dedicate a song to your beloved on the local radio or TV channel. Take your date to the beach and surprise him or her with an impromptu romantic message scribbled on the sand. If you have the time, get a local band turn up at your beloved’s doorstep on Valentine’s Day and play a few of his or her favorite romantic songs, this will touch your Valentine deeply, guaranteed.

Adore your Valentine, show that he or she means the world to you. Take plenty of pictures of him or her and use as your screensaver or blow up into a big poster size and gift it. You can even shoot a small movie with your handycam on your Valentine and gift it with lots of love.

These ideas are sure to help you hit the bull`s eye with your Valentine.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Great ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day where the heady aroma of romance waits to sweep you off your feet. Check out these interesting ideas and have a smashing Valentine’s Day.

To make this day truly memorable, plan ahead and make the best of the most romantic day of the year. Go for a Valentine picnic with your love. Pack a picnic basket filled with yummy food, do include some aphrodisiac food like oysters, caviar, bananas and chocolate. Find a quiet place to picnic preferably near a lake. End with a heart-shaped dessert. As a surprise, whip out a message in a bottle filled with rose petals and shells. Make sure the message is special and romantic, also exchange your Valentine’s Day gift.

Go for a Valentine dinner followed by a dance. What can be more romantic than this? Choose an up-market restaurant and enjoy a quiet candle-light dinner with your love. Don’t forget to carry along a special Valentine gift and if you are a man carry a single red rose or a dozen with you. After dinner, prolong the romantic mood by doing the disco. The feeling of being in the arms of your beloved is a wonderful feeling and a great way to end the night.

If you are one of those who prefers something different from a candle-light dinner, go to a pizza restaurant and celebrate the day with pizzas and Coke. After this, catch up with a romantic flick.

If you want to celebrate a beautiful Valentine dinner at home, do it. Plan a menu ahead of time and include some favorite dishes that your Valentine digs. Do make it a point to include some aphrodisiac foods in the menu. For a change, serve dinner on the terrace, this can make the setting pretty romantic. Make a CD of all the favorite songs which your Valentine likes and play them while having dinner. As dinner draws to a close exchange gifts and kisses.

If you don’t want the traditional Valentine dinner, try something fun, throw a Valentine’ s Day tea party. Lay your table with some fine lace and use red roses as the centre-piece. If possible, drape loops of red satin on the sides of the table. Make a big pot of tea and serve it in true traditional style – from a porcelain tea-pot into your finest china cups. Keep a range of delicious eats ready – muffins, cakes, cookies and other pastries. Exchange Valentine’s Day cards and gifts.