Monday, August 31, 2015

SEO Services Tips for optimization of Domain Names

How to choose a good Domain Name? SEO Tip for newbies.

One of the most important things any site owner or blogger must look at is the domain name. Many newbies and sometimes even those who have been online for sometime make the mistake of choosing domain names without much thought.

A good top level domain names helps SEO in a big way. It tells not just search engines, but also the users, what the site or blog is all about. It’s very easy to connect to users with a word or two that is top of mind and they can easily relate to.

When you say, you know that the site will offer horoscope readings, compatibility reports, psychic readings, star signs forecasts etc. If you see a domain, you instantly recognize that they sell golf accessories. You see the point why a simple easy-to-understand domain name is critical to SEO and users.

The domain name fetched $50,000 in July 2008. This site had just 3,800 unique visitors a month was earning a mere $25 a month. The value was for the domain name only. Shows how high a value one can get for a good domain name.

If it was, a user will have no clue as to the content or service offered by the site or blog.

My Simple Branding Philosophy

Not all of us have deep pockets to choose a non-dictionary name and spend on marketing to build the brand. It’s wiser to choose a name that exists in the people’s minds and use it as a site’s name. Instant recognition. No effort effort required.

If you want to run a baby names site, you should look for If you are blogging on pregnancy, you should first look for names with the word pregnancy. Examples of good domains would be,,,, etc. While is preferred, .org, .info, .net, .biz are also good (and of course country extensions).

When people search, search engines like google, yahoo, msn or ask show about 10 results on a page. Apart from the title and the brief on a results page, users tend to evaluate the link to click based on the domain name. If one searched for “cancer symptoms” and found a result whose domain was “”, chances are that users will mistrust a gaming site that shows a page for cancer tips.

Choose a site name with core words that go with the theme of your site or blog. If you plan to offer “tips for handling obesity”, then you should look at words like weight loss, fat, obese, health, obesity, overweight, and use a combination of these words with guide, tips, surgery, cure, remedies, wellness, diet, recipes etc to find a good top level name for your website or blog.

I hope these simple domain name SEO selection tips was useful.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Why Quality Content is key for Search Engines and Online Users?

In order to pull traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and AOL, fresh and new content is needed on a site or blog. How much to write, find out.

Many people across the world blog on a variety of subjects. As a website owner or blogger you must write or get someone else to produce good quality content. The content should be focused on a particular subject. Let’s say for example, you are running a site or blog on pet care, you must produce content on pets, the general health problems, care for pets, pet diet, cleaning cats and dogs, when you should take them to the vet etc.

How much is enough, we always wonder. My suggestion is look to write about 400 to 500 word articles articles on any relevant theme. This length is enough to cover aspects of theme you’ve focused on, indicates to Google and other search engines that the site provides useful information to the users. The length clearly states to search engines and users your commitment to provide enriching and meaningful articles.

500 pages of content over a period of two to four years. And is bound to pull traffic in droves, especially if it’s focused on a niche, is good quality, and written to benefit users. However, 100 pages of solid content is a good starting point to building traffic on your site.

Millions of people use search engines to look for content on different subjects of interest to them. You stand a good chance to attract visitors on the internet if you produce top quality content.

Never compromise on content, because that’s what visitors come for to any site. Build websites and blogs for online users, not for search engines.

Post content regularly on your site. Atleast twice a week. This is very important. Don’t be sporadic, posting a article daily for a month and then not posting for the next two months. Users who come back to site and don’t find fresh content will not come back again. And you’d have lost the chance to build a loyal user base on your site or blog.

Original content is what you aim for, that’s what everyone loves. And that’s what search engines are always looking for – new content to give their searchers.

No matter what tools, technologies, techniques you employ, you need great content on site to delight users. Just get that clear. And you are on the way to building a good online business.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What to write on your blog or website?

Where to start is a question that bothers millions of bloggers and site owners? It’s good to start with a subject you are passionate about – be it pet care, art or travel. Find out ways to pull traffic with your content.

SEO Tip: Check out if the theme you choose has a lot of products or services around it (and that there’s a need for it in the market). That’s an indication of the money earning opportunity. The higher the value of the services or products, the better your chances of making a lot of money online. Most bloggers and webmasters tend to forget this and build sites that don’t present a chance to earn. After the hard work you put in, you need to make some dollars too, right.

Do a bit of research on the net on your chosen topic. Put down a list of themes to begin writing. Initially, begin writing articles where you have the knowledge. Since it’ll be easy to start here and the passion will convince users.

All of wonder if we are worth writing something. Surprisingly, when we honestly write about what we love or are passionate about, we can almost write a book. Many online newbies have surprised themselves when they begin writing and find that they can’t stop. You know to play the guitar well, write a beginners guide to it. teach people to play it. Or are you a foodie? Write about organic recipes, diet for obesity, healthy juices, low calorie breakfasts and the like.

Think. Think. I’m sure you find some skill you have that you can write about.

Do not worry about your writing skills. 99% of all those online writers are at the same stage. But you need to positively write. As you pen a few dozen pieces of original content, you’ll see your writing skills improve. Be simple, people love to read stuff that’s easy to understand.

Many a time people love to read stuff that’s written based on personal experiences. Use your experiences to tell online users the story. Human beings are always curious about other people’s experiences – failures and successes. This way you can connect to readers of your blog or site.

Research and write quality blog posts
After you have exhausted topics you know, do research on the net, go to forums, see videos, read up experts on the subject and find more interesting subjects to continue producing posts for your blog or site. 400 to 500 words is good for each post.

Make the matter useful to readers. Give tips. Bring out your perspective. Guide them if you are an expert on something. Give them a solid reason to revisit your site.

SEO TIP: Soon you must become an authority on the chosen theme. And there’ll be no looking back, friend.

Initially, plan atleast one post a week and later move to two a week. Fresh and original content and regular posts will get you the visitors you want onto your site faster.

But, sustaining the interest to write is important. 99% of bloggers stop writing within six months. I wish you are not one of them. Keep at it and you’ll find success.

After choosing a theme for your blog or website, only original and quality content on your area of interest will fetch you the traffic. And help you succeed as a online marketer. Keep me posted about your progress. Best wishes readers.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Seo Advice: Write useful articles that readers will love

Want plenty of traffic to your blog. Get them by writing good articles that users are looking for. That’s the simple SEO secret to get prospective customers onto your site.

I keep coming back to good content. Why? Because without quality content on your site, users won’t find a reason to come back. And if you keep losing readers who land up on site, then you can’t build a loyal base of subscribers or readers.

It’s easier to wow your existing user with top quality articles and retain him, than to get new users all the time.

SEO Tip: When more users come back to your site, they indicate to the search engines that your blog or website has good quality content. And search engines like google, yahoo, msn, ask, aol will then send more traffic to your site.

In your chosen domain think about what problems users face, what content they find difficult to find on the internet. Research and write about such subjects. Soon, you’ll get a ton of users to read your stuff.

Choose niche topics to write on. Golf accessories for left handers. Alternative treatment for migraine. Lessons you can learn from a monkey. Making money from your mobile. Where to buy shoes for diabetics? How to make noiseless generators?

You must slowly look to become subject matter experts in what you write. Be it yoga, alternate diet for obesity, wall hangings from waste stuff, domain name resale or whatever.

Write for users, not search engines. Search engines don’t like or rate articles too well when written for the sake of better search rankings. They love to pick and show content written for online readers.

SEO Tip: Use the language of common users when you post an article on your blog. Because readers are going to use similar language to search for content on the net. And when Google sees them on your article, they’ll send users to your page.

Ask yourself a question? Will I find this article useful, if I wanted it. If the answer is yes, publish it on your blog or website. Or else, begin to write a better article.

Connect to users with content that they find useful, enjoyable, readable and beneficial. And they will love your site. They will spread the word around. Link to your blog, dig or stumble it, bookmark it. And that’s a vote for your site.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bloggers - SEO

While blogging implement best practices in whitehat SEO for blogs. Here are ethical SEO tips to rank your blog higher on Google.

Optimizing the domain name for your blog

It’s very important for bloggers to operate with an own domain name and use a good blogging platform and paid hosting. Or buy a domain name and map them to your existing blog on blogspot, wordpress or other blogging platforms. Having your own name tells search engines your intention and commitment to give users good content. The period for which you book a domain name also speaks about your long term blogging plans. If it’s booked for a short period, it could also reveal that you may be a fly by night operator looking to make a quick buck.

Tips for Domain names

Domain names must reveal the core of your blog’s theme – example: (if you were selling caps), (if you were blogging on star signs), or (if you were running a blog on this theme).
No long domain names
No domain names that don’t instantly connect to the audience. For example, and you are talking about fishing.
Preferred domain extensions are .com, .net, .biz, .info, edu and country extensions.

SEO friendly niche content for Blogs

Search engines rank sites higher if they have focused content on a particular subject. Choose a theme for your blog, preferably in niche areas, not in broad domains. For example, if you look at “Gifts”, it will be difficult to get a lot of traffic and rank higher on search engines like Google, since competition will be very high from establishes sites that have a lot of content and money to promote the site.

Instead look at Gifts for New Borns or Gifts for ex-boyfriends, gifts for schoolmates, gifts for older people. Here you need to build your authority on the subject by writing a series of articles on different themes – gifts for various occasions, worst gifts to give, personalizing gifts, special gifts, gadget gifts, wrapping gifts, gift notes, re-gifting, when to send gifts, best gifts, etc.

About 200 to 300 pages of top quality original and fresh content will do wonders for your weblog.

Keywords relevancy to blog post’s topic

When you write a post on any subject, always think of how the user would search for such content. What words would they type into Google, Yahoo, MSN or other search engines. Your title should reflect the core subject with words that users will type to search for the content. Like my title for this post - Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bloggers and Blogs – SEO. Google for your content and see the top results in different search engines to get a fair understanding of what keywords to use in your title.

And your text should have a variation of the relevant keywords. This is to guide the search engine bot to understand the content. So if it’s on gifting to girlfriends, you may use a sprinkling of the words – gifts, gifting, presents, love, romantic, gift ideas, girls, women, wrapping, cute, gifts for her, cool gifts etc.

SEO tips for keyword rich content

Your title should have the important keywords for the blog post
The heading should reflect them
The tags of your post must contain the keywords
The alt tags – the title of you pictures on that blog page
The anchor text – keyword phrases text that link out to the complete post or to some other article outside your site

All the above should not be repetitive, but be variations of the important keywords

SEO Tip: The keywords written must be natural and meaningful. It’s should be overloaded for search engine rankings. Use just enough for users to find the content engrossing.

Blog navigation

The design of your blog should be simple. And the navigation ie., the links on your site should be placed in vantage points to allow user to easily find information on your site. All posts should be categorized well. This is a key SEO advice that you must follow. This allows users looking for a particular topic to quickly head to the relevant content and continue reading your blog posts.

Do not place ads, images or widgets in odd places and interfere with the user experience. Let users quickly go and read what they are interested in.

Tags and categories

Most blogging softwares today have the facility of tagging and categorization. Use the most relevant keywords to tag your post and categorise each blog article well. Do not use too many tags, nor too many general keywords in the tags. Use caetgory names that users generally search for. And limit the number of categories to manageable levels.

Connect to users with interactive tools

I’m sure some of you are familiar with feeds. Kindly give the feed links on your blog. It helps users who have liked your content to keep in touch with your blog. Don’t forget to have a search bar while blogging. This makes for more page views since readers are looking for some content at that point in time, and if you have it served via search, you are only getting them to spend more time reading on your blog. Allow comments to come from usres – they tell you what’s right or wrong with the blog content. Comments are used by search engines like Google to understand whether people liked your blog or not. And they also build your brand.

Using an analytics tool to build traffic

Bloggers must use an analytics tool, like Google Analytics, which is free anyway, to understand user behaviour on site. How search engines like Google are treating your blog’s content is revealed in your blog. What keywords do people use to come upon your blog. Using this you can build more content on such keyword phrases, which are relevant to your webblog.

They also tell you the top content on your blog. Find out why Google is ranking them well and do more of the same. Where do users come from, keywords they used to land on your blog, which are your top landing pages, which page did they go to next – all this and more is revealed by an analytics tool. They help you in mapping user behaviour. And help in building traffic to your blog. Sign up right away for Google Analytics.

These simple search engine optimization tips should help you begin blogging and building a base of loyal users.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How we hear?

When you stand by a pool and throw a pebble into the water, you can watch little waves spread out from the spot where the pebble hits the water.  (Kids Level: 8 to 10)

These sort of waves are formed in the air too, only we can’t see them.  But, we can hear them.  Sound is nothing but little waves of air moving through the great mass of air around us.

The function of the ear is to catch these sounds.  The ear is a delicate part of the body and the vital parts in it are hidden away inside the ear, to prevent injury.

Sound waves pass through the ear passage till they reach the ear drum.  The ear drum is a small piece of thin skin, or membrane, stretched across the whole of the inside end.  When sound reaches the ear drum, it vibrates.  These vibrations pass along three tiny bones to a long row of hairs.  The hairs move due to the vibrations.  From this movement we are able to recognize sounds.

The three bones in each ear are only about one third of an inch and are named as the hammer, anvil and the stirrup. Next time you hear a sound, think of your lovely ear.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Why do we count in tens?

The answer lies in the number of fingers on our hand.  (Kids Level: 8 to 10)

In the early days men counted on their fingers, just as the tribals do today. It is said that the tribals could count even upto hundreds.  Three men would sit together and a fourth man sat opposite them.  The three would hold their hands with fingers outstretched.

The fourth man would count the first man’s fingers once – that made ten.  Then he bent the first  finger of the man in the middle.

Next he would count another ten on the first  man’s finger, then bend the second finger of the middle man.

When all the fingers of the middle man were closed, he would bend the first finger, of the third man to indicate ‘one tens-tens’ or one hundred.  Thus the natives could cleverly count upto hundreds.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends

While gifting a marriage anniversary present for a friend, don’t just think of what your friend will like, think of what the couple will enjoy. Remember it’s not about how much you spend but how much thought and effort you put into it.

A beautiful painting or sculpture that will match the décor of your friend’s home is an anniversary gift that will be a visual delight they can enjoy. Desktop fountains make a pretty gift and are perfect to soothe
stress. There are many options available like bamboo fountains, Bonsai fountains, solar fountains and so on. You can also think of an attractive bedspread set or some comfy cushions.

How about a set of coffee mugs customized with the couple’s photo on it, this makes a warm and thoughtful gift. If you wish you can complement these with a tray or coaster sets.

Gift a gourmet gift hamper with a selection of exotic eats or a wine and cheese basket. If the couple likes to entertain, gift a bar set, a wine holder or a champagne bucket. A cake for the couple with a special message is a gift they will enjoy sharing. If you like to bake, bake a batch of fresh cookies, package them attractively in a decorative box or cookie jar and gift, the effort you have taken will touch your friend.

Gift a marriage anniversary plate with a custom message, some companies offer an option where it can be printed on or written with a special pen and baked to make the letters stay. This will be a valuable keepsake.

Look for special couple gifts like watch sets for two, a set of wine glasses, a His and Her perfume set and so on. You can also gift couple gifts like a sculpture of a couple.

Electronic gadgets especially the latest ones always make great gifts. Gift a handicam or digital camera for the couple to make happy memories. I-pods, phones, binocular glasses and so on are interesting
wedding gifts.

Colorful and vibrant flowers are an evergreen anniversary gift favorite, if you are hard-pressed for time, go ahead and gift a large basket. If the couple likes plants, gift some exotic potted plants, a green
gift that will be appreciated.

If you really want to pamper your friends, gift a day at the spa or a vacation. Go ahead and have fun picking an anniversary gift for your friends.

Wedding Anniversary Quote for Friends
Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me;
I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
Albert Camus

Why does a potato have eyes?

Unlike you and me, potatoes can’t see a thing though they have eyes.  The eyes are actually buds from which new plants grow.  (Kids Level: 8 to 10)

The part of the potato that we eat is really the stem.  When a stem grows above the ground, the buds grow into side branches.  The bud found on the underground stem of a potato can grow into new plants.

While sowing, the farmer cuts a potato into many pieces, each with an eye, and plants it in the ground.  Soon each eye sprouts into a new plant which gives us many more potatoes.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Attractive Anniversary Gifts for Friends

The wedding anniversary of a friend is a great time for rejoicing. Make it memorable by gifting them something special.

Go that extra mile to find something just perfect for the adorable couple. If you enjoy cooking, bake a generous batch of heart shaped cookies and fill them in an attractive glass jar and gift it. You can also
gift a heart-shaped cake and write a touching anniversary message for the couple in icing.

Get a pair of coffee mugs with the photograph of the couple printed on it, if that looks like a very simple gift, add to it by complementing with coaster sets, bowls or trays. You can also gift them a poster created with
their photograph. A silver or crystal photo frame can make a pleasing gift too.

Gift a bottle of fine wine or champagne in keeping with the celebratory mood. You could even gift personalized wine glasses with the anniversary couple’s initials monogrammed on them.

Want to gift something that wishes the couple prosperity and happiness? Fill a jewel case with delightful dried fruits and nuts and gift it. Feng Shui offers lovely musical chimes and gurgling fountains to bring
in good luck, gift them.

Gift them something in doubles. Think a twin watch set, a wide range of them are available, you can pick one to match your budget. You can also buy a twin pen set, twin tee-shirts and so on. An embellished kimono set for him and her can be an exotic gift they will adore.

Give them something that will be functional at home. How about a perky coffeemaker or a barbecue? These would be a great idea for couples who love to entertain. A martini shaker, a sandwich grill, electric roaster are other ideas on the same lines.

Attractive home décor is a good anniversary gift. Think a stained glass or ceramic lamp that can kindle romantic moments in the couple.

You can also choose a painting or print that reflects happy emotions or creates happiness when viewed. For a laugh gift a cuckoo clock or look for unusual clocks with Roman numerals or with ceramic textures. Gift something that your friends can relax with. Try a yoga gift basket or a clutch of classical music CDs. You could also gift a holiday at a peaceful hillside getaway or gift certificates to a spa.

Use these anniversary gifting ideas to find something your friends will cherish.

Anniversary Quote for Friends
A true friend never gets in your way,
unless you happen to be going down.
Arnold H Glasgow

What causes rusting?

When iron or steel is left in the wet for some days it begins to rust. But what really causes rusting? Let’s perform an experiment like scientists do and find out for ourselves. (Level: Kids 8 to 10)

Buy some new nails from the nearby hardware store. Find three glass jars which can be corked tight. Drop some nails into each of them and pour some water into the first jar. Put a little lime in the second, and boiled water in the third, filling it to the brim. 

All the air dissolved in water is driven out when it is boiled for sometime. Now cork up the three jars. After a few days you’ll be surprised to see that the nails in the first jar have turned reddish brown, but those in the other two haven’t rusted at all.

You wonder why. Well, iron rusts only when both air and water are present. In the second jar there was air but no water and the third had only water.

Now how do you prevent iron or steel from rusting. By stopping air and water from reaching it’s surface. This is done by coating them with special paint. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Anniversary Gifts to wow Girlfriends

An anniversary is a special day for every couple who has been going around together. Make the memories of the day a beautiful one by gifting something significant enough to mark this milestone.

Jewelry is one of the best gifts to give your girlfriend but gift something symbolic of your relationship. A couples’ necklace is very romantic, with bit of you having half a pendant that forms a whole when joined
together. A sparkling crystal brooch or heart pendant is a lovely way to tell your girlfriend how precious she is to you.

The romance of flowers cannot be beaten by anything else, give her a whole bouquet of red roses. You can even go a step ahead and gift flowering plants in pots so she can enjoy the beauty for many more days,
potted tulips are a good choice.

Musical boxes and musical jewel boxes are traditional but still very romantic, see if you can get one that features a couple dancing. Chocolates are among the top romantic gifts that women love, gift her expensive chocolates in a heart-shaped box or better still pick out heart-shaped chocolates to symbolize your feelings.

Get a picture of both of you clicked at a studio against a fancy backdrop. You can even hire a professional photographer and get some pictures clicked at places you hangout or at the place where you had your first date.

Women love looking and feeling good. Gift her a cosmetic bag full of her favorite brand of cosmetics. You could also pick up some lacy lingerie in racy colors. Continuing this line of thought, you could also
gift her a voucher to a fabulous spa or to a fashion store.

If your girlfriend is a practical kind, gift something useful. A tote bag is a good idea, don’t forget to fill it up with goodies like chocolates, cosmetics and hair clips. A pretty clock, a mug or multi-purpose boxes are good ideas too.

Buy a couple watch set, both of you can wear them together and feel bonded. You can also pick up similar t-shirts that you can wear while on a date.

If you have time to go that extra mile, get your girlfriends something personalized. Pretty candle sets offer you the option of writing a special message for your girlfriend on the candle. Write a poem for her and get
it framed in a pretty frame, many companies offer attractive frames and offer printing on special papers like parchment paper.

Use these ideas will help you make your anniversary with your girlfriend truly special.

Anniversary Quote for Girlfriends
When I saw you I was afraid to meet you.
When I met you I was afraid to kiss you.
When I kissed you I was afraid to love you.
Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cute Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

An anniversary is a special and wonderful occasion for every couple. A milestone that has to be celebrated with lots of joy and a beautiful gift that will be a reminder of their feelings for each other.

Buying an anniversary gift for your boyfriend is something that you should ponder over and pick. Here are a few ideas to help you kick start your imagination.

Memorable Gifts Ideas for Boyfriend
A watch can make a memorable anniversary gift, pick a formal watch in gold tone or sheer steel to remind him of your timeless love. Classy accessories like cuff links, tie-pins and belts will be liked too. A business
card holder in leather or leather desk top accessories will let him carry a whiff of you into his office life everyday.

If your boyfriend is into the outdoors and sport, gift him something to go with his interests. A water-proof sports watch with a compass is ideal for frequent mountain trekkers and campers. Sports inspired desk accessories and collectibles like miniature football tees, trophies, wall plaques, paperweights and so on are popular with most men.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts
Some companies offer soaps with a personalized message or even the option of adding photographs, this makes a very special gift. Get a photograph of both of you printed on T-shirts and wear it on your
anniversary. You can even make the photograph into a poster, put in a personalized message and gift it. Make a video fi lm starring just the two of you, for this you’ll have to plan a bit in advance and get footage,
use the best in the fi lm and add some of your favorite love songs to the backdrop. He’ll be thrilled to receive this gift.

A fun gift idea. Get a little naughty, gift him some satin bed sheets with heart-shaped cushions with a romantic or naughty message. Another idea is sending him a thermometer and a teddy bear with the message, yThis
anniversary, how hot are you?”

Gift him some fun in the sun, a vacation trip for just the two of you in sunny Hawaii maybe. You can also gift tickets to a sporty event or a movie that both of you can catch together.

A growing plant can be symbolic of your relationship. Gift a potted plant in an attractive pot, you can even add your creative touch by painting the clay pot.

Make the spirit of celebration come alive, gift him two martini glasses and a bottle of fine wine, so both of you can drink to your happiness.

Cute Anniversary Quote for Boyfriend
Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.
Swedish Proverb

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Unforgettable Anniversary Gifts for Dad

If you think back of your childhood, your dad features prominently. He was the one who taught you to ride your first bike and who took you to your favorite pizza joint, now on his wedding anniversary, gift
something that will touch his heart.

If your dad is a travel freak, gift a snazzy leather excursion travel case, a smart travel bag or a pair of spa slippers. A GPS navigator or a book like ‘1000 Places to See Before You Die’ are good choices too. If your dad is more the adventurous type who likes trekking and such outdoor activities, a pair of binoculars, a light-weight back pack, tenting gear or a camera would make good gifts. You can even gift your dad and
mom a holiday to an exotic place which will take them down the path of nostalgia.

Is your dad the sporty type? Gift him tickets to a match featuring the game of his choice. Look for equipment or accessories related to the sport your dad plays say golf clubs, badminton rackets, gloves, sweat
bands and so on.

Most men love gadgets and picking up the latest in the market for your dad makes it extra special. Think the hot new mobile phone or the sleek new laptop. You can also pick up an electronic organizer or PDA.
You can also gift your dad his favorite brand of liquor or something you think he will enjoy. A gourmet basket of wine and cheese or other gourmet treats should whet his appetite. If you have a larger budget, try
a luxury personalized champagne bottle. Crockery like wine or martini glasses, champagne buckets and wine bottle holders are useful gifts that will be appreciated.

Gift your dad an interesting accessory like a fine leather belt with an unusual buckle. Elegant silver cuff links, which can be personalized with his initials on them make an exquisite gift too. You can also think of sun
glasses from a designer brand. A classy watch will remind your dad of you every time he looks at it, this makes a truly timeless gift. If you know your dad’s taste in music or books, these are good choices.
A home theatre system, a portable DVD player, a trendy i-pod and so on are gifts that are popular choices in today’s world. Go ahead now and gift your dad something he will not forget.

Dad quote
Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Awesome Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Mom

Moms are special, her warm hug or a gentle kiss can make all one’s fears and worries dissolve. When it comes to your mom’s wedding anniversary, show her how much you care by gifting her something that
she will cherish forever.

Personalised poetry gifts framed in a classy frame will hold a great deal of sentimental value. These gifts can be personalized with names, poem, personal message and have an optional area for a photo.

Wedding anniversary cakes have a warm touch to them and you can wow your mom by baking a delicious cake for her. Or go and splurge to get a fancy cake and make sure you have a special message on it for
your parents.

Smart electronic gadgets like notebooks, mobile phone, CD Players, i-pods make wonderful anniversary gifts for your mom. They are not just useful but also make her feel younger and make her life easier.

Women at any age want to look young and beautiful. Pamper your mother with a line of the latest beauty treatment or gift her expensive creams and other cosmetics. Or let her lounge in some luxury lounge wear or pyjamas, pick them up in her favorite color. Gift some soft therapeutic flip-flops which come in soothing pastel shades and allow her to walk around the home in comfort.

Jewelry will always remain among the top gifts your mom would enjoy. Based on your budget pick gold, diamond or silver jewelry. A pendant or brooch with significance to the occasion like say in the shape
of a heart will be appreciated. You can even get her a double locket pendant that can hold photos of both your parents. A jewelry box made from leather which will help her preserve her precious jewelry is another
good idea. A pretty watch is also something that she will love.

Flowers and plants are gifts that will add cheer to your mom’s life. Go beyond the usual and gift her the exact number of fl owers that coincide with her anniversary. When it comes to plants, consider a cheery sunflower growing kit, bonsai, an Italian herb garden, colorful flowering plants and so on.

You can also gift a vacation for two to a dream destination your mom has always dreamt of. Try these gift ideas and watch your mom’s eyes sparkle in happiness.

God cannot be everywhere therefore he created mothers
Chinese Proverb

Friday, August 7, 2015

What is love quotes

Best "what's love" quotes handpicked for you.

Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties
Jule Renard

Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.
Mark Twain, author 

The union of a want and a sentiment.
Honore de Balzac, French Author

Love is the delusion that one woman differs from another.
H.L. Mencken 

Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.
Erich Fromm 

Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.
Oliver Wendell Holmes 

Humorous Love quotes
One good thing about internet dating: you're guaranteed to click with whomever you meet.

Remedy for love

There is no remedy for love but to love more.
Henry David Thoreau

If you don't fall in Love
He that shuts love out, in turn shall be Shut out from love, and on her threshold lie, Howling in outer darkness.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson 

Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Your parents are a very special couple, do make sure that their wedding anniversary is beautiful and memorable. Gift them something that will touch their hearts and make them cherish the moment.

Gif your parents a holiday at a luxury resort. They will enjoy spending time together and remembering the good old times. Gift vouchers to a plush restaurant for dinner can be the ideal romantic rendezvous for
them. Membership to a club will be loved.

Gift your parents a beautiful anniversary plate personalized with their name and the year. You can also get some personalized pottery like a pair of mugs with their photos or names printed on them. Gift a glass or
crystal keepsake. An anniversary crystal flute set will bring them many more good times.

If you have some photographs of your parents together collected over the years, put them together in a beautifully bound scrapbook and gift it to them. You can also make a scrapbook filled with wishes from family and friends and gift it, we assure you that your parents will be touched.

Gift them a basket full of breakfast goodies so they can start off with a sumptuous anniversary breakfast. You can also gift a gourmet basket featuring their favorite brands. If they enjoy wine or champagne, gift
them something of a good vintage.

Gift something that will brighten up the home. Think out of the box, how about a large porcelain vase or a series of Russian dolls. Gift a handcrafted wooden clock that is a world away from the assembly line
manufactured ones, these have soul and will be appreciated. A stained glass lamp or a paper lamp can add warmth to their home and hearth.

Gift your parents a Mr.& Mrs. spa robe set, they will enjoy relaxing in these comfortable loungewear sets. You can also gift His & Her pillowcase sets, or even an entire set of bed linen monogrammed with
their initials.

Gift your parents something that will help them stay in touch, gift a pair of trendy mobile phones or a laptop. If you are sure of your parent’s tastes, you can gift apparel, sunglasses or other accessories like handbags
and wallets.

Want to gift something functional? Be a little thoughtful, is their microwave looking worn out, buy a new one for them. You can also give something that will make life easier like a toaster, coffee-maker and so on.

Anniversary for Parents Quote
You gave us two gifts. 
One is roots. The other is wings.
Thanks dear parents.

Mind Your English - I

Value of this column. Here we are trying to help those who need to or want to improve their English. We have in mind the average and the advanced learners. The starred items are meant specially for advanced learners. We focus on grammatical correctness, lexical (vocabulary) appropriacy, and idiomaticity. We try to follow both Indian and international standards of correctness and acceptability.

Now, are you ready to have a go at the exercise?
Instructions: The following sentences contain some common mistakes we make in Chennai. Indeed all over India! Some are grammatical; and some are lexical (vocabulary) mistakes. The word or phrase containing a mistake is underlined. Your correction should be a word or two that can be put in the place of the underlined word or words.

If a word has to be simply dropped, your correction should be expressed with a (0) zero.

Incorrect sentence: The early bird get the worm.
Correction: gets
Explanation: The subject of the sentence (“bird”) is a Third Person Singular. It is in third person. And the verb (“get”) has to agree with it.

Incorrect sentence: I can’t cope up with the work. It is two people’s work.
Correction: 0
Explanation: “With” is not only unnecessary but ill-fitting here.

The exercise
Correct the following sentences.
1.The members of the family discussed about the alliance.
2.When you are leaving for Hyderabad.
3.I am having ten silk sarees.
4.*Which is your native place?
5.*These containers are being sent to the godown.

1 0
 Explanation: “Discuss” is not followed by any prepositions such as                                                      “about”, “on”, and “regarding”. But discussion is always followed by “on” or  “about”.
2 are you
Explanation: In questions like this, the first verb (are) has to come before the subject                                  (you).
3  have
 Explanation: When “have” means “possess”, it should not be used in the “ ing” form.
I have a car. Correct.    
I am having a car. Incorrect.

4 home town  
Explanation: This is just a matter of idiomaticity and acceptability.  Internationally acceptable varieties of English, including standard Indian English, prefer “home town”. Strangely enough, “native language”, “native plant”, “native tradition”, “native art” and such combinations are acceptable. For some inexplicable reason “native place” is not acceptable by most speakers of Standard English or the speakers of the Prestige Variety of English.

5 Warehouse
Explanation: As in the case of 4, this, too, is a matter of idiomaticity and acceptability. .Interestingly, this word “godown” is used not only in India but in also in Malaysia. And, believe it or not, it comes from the Tamil word “kidangu”.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

A wedding anniversary is an occasion to celebrate the beauty of a lasting relationship. Make it truly special for your husband by gifting something that’s so cute, it will be forever etched in his heart. Now, this
does take a little bit of extra effort but then it’s worth the happiness that will sparkle in his eyes.

Add a bit of drama and romance to your gift, buy a bright red post box and fill it with your gifts or cards and handwritten messages of love.

This will truly sweep him off his feet. Gifting a clock can symbolize the eternal quality of the love you share, you could pick a personalized tile anniversary clock on an easel or a heart-shaped clock.

A personalized anniversary message especially a naughty one on a heart-shaped soap or any other cute shape is a good gift. You can even get a bit naughtier and gift an edible soap or edible massage lotion that
you can rub on each other and enjoy yourselves with. That should get his imagination stimulated.

Most men are headlong into sport and have their own personal hero or heroes. A cute gift would be sporty collectibles relating to the sport your husband loves, it could be anything from an autographed baseball, Red
Sox jersey, football helmet.

Gift him a romantic pillow, a heart-shaped pillow covered with red silk or those softy squeezy cushions with cartoon prints. A luxurious bathrobe or a set of new towels monogrammed with his initials or with a
small message would be cute too. Compile together the romantic songs he loves on a CD and gift it to him. How about getting him a massager, after a tiring day of work, this would be the ideal way to unwind. Make
up a scrapbook filled with photos of your favorite romantic moments during your married life.

A hamper of fresh juicy fruits can be a cute gift, who would not love a Carribbean fruit hamper or a Garden of Eden hamper filled with crunchy apples, make up a hamper and add a fun message to it.

Bake him a lovely anniversary cake and on the centre place plastic or metal initials of both of you and write a cute message like , ‘You are my sweetheart’. You can also gift him a huge chocolate heart with the
message ‘I love you’ on it.

Now, use these ideas to pick a gift and we guarantee a big kiss and a bear hug in return from your husband.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him Quote
Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots.
Hoosier Farmer

Monday, August 3, 2015

The art of preserving your antique furniture

Antiques call for a great deal of attention. The aim of conservation is to preserve the furniture in its original condition. Since furniture comes in a combination of different kinds of wood, metal, glass, fabric and plastic, each has to be dealt with delicately, in its own way. And furniture being functional is subject to wear and tear, and dents, scraped surfaces , worn pieces of metal or fabric are to be preserved as part of the artefacts history. Preventive conservation can prolong the life of an antique.

Light radiation attacks furniture, breaking down its finish, damaging fabric and leather, making wood brittle and can lead to change of colour. Ultraviolet and infra-red light must be eliminated. A conservator will recommend 15 foot candles for most organics and 5 foot candles for textiles and coloured furniture. Direct sunlight on the furniture must be avoided. Effective shades should be used to filter out light.

Drastic fluctuations in humidity can be very damaging. Since mould and fungi grow rapidly in still air and darkness, switching on the light and increasing circulation of air will slow down their growth.

Furniture made of organic material is susceptible to attacks by pests, which seek crevices in unsuspecting places and slowly break down furniture. If you spot fresh wood powder dropping from your furniture, it’s a clear indication of infestation. If the part can be removed, it must be put in a large polythene bag with a black paper below the infected part, and isolated from the rest of the collection. After a few days if it persists, you must call for professional conservator’s help.

Caution: Amateurs can do more harm than good to your dear collection.

Keep furniture away from direct sunlight, heat rays and damp surfaces. Always see to it that a piece is supported evenly on all its feet. Don’t overload drawers and refrain from using them often, to prevent wear. Use effective shades to keep out light. Cover furniture with fabric that allows breathing and keeps out dust.


Generally, water-based cleaning solutions should never be used. Washed, lint-free rugs are fine for dusting. Glass taps can be cleansed with alcohol on cotton swabs. Marble tops can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Re-wax finish, if necessary. Metal pieces like knobs, or handles should be cleaned in a solution of ammonia on cotton swabs, rinsed with distilled water and dried thoroughly. Vacuum upholstered pieces. 

You may be tempted to sit on period upholsteries, but you mustn't. Seek professional advice in case of doubt.