Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stop Your Excuses and Start Doing

This world no longer needs factory workers who just do what is asked. It needs people who do weird, crazy things. People who create, innovate and thrill us all with novel products, creative solutions and stand out services.

This world no longer likes folks who are afraid to fail. Who shudder to try something new. It welcomes only those who experiment and fail. It's okay to fail. But not trying is unacceptable.

This world is no longer for conformists. This world falls in love with those who break the rules, cross the boundaries. Those who believe in the unthinkable. And get the rest to believe in their idea too.

This world wants creators, artists, believers who are willing to try without thinking too much about failure.
Stop your excuses. Start doing. The journey may be new, lonely but definitely worth every bit of effort.
Stand out. The world will notice you sooner than you think.