Friday, October 8, 2021

Read Sample Chapter from How to Read your Husband Like a Book

Here's a book that reveals the "inner mind" of husbands.

I’m happily married for 25 years now. I truly believe that the wife-husband relationship is a beautiful one that everyone should be blessed with. The way a man thinks is completely different to a woman’s inner mind. That’s what makes a couple’s relationship exciting, intriguing and sometimes challenging.

 My book is a guide for married women to understand how the husband thinks and responds. I hope this book offers you a “new understanding” and helps improve your relationship with your partner. I appreciate your time and effort in reading this book. 

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

My Book: How to Read Your Husband Like a Book


Just launched my book, a perfect gift for newly married women. Read more Buy How to Read Your Husband Like a Book Book Online at Low Prices in India | How to Read Your Husband Like a Book Reviews & Ratings -

In a world where the husband-wife relationship is good fodder for stand-up comedy, this easy-to-read book offers fresh insight into the inner workings of a “husband’s mind”.

Through humorous nuggets and simple illustrations, this book explains how a husband ‘thinks’, what makes him ‘respond’ the way he does, his ‘reaction’ to certain situations that crop up in married life and what a wife can do to avoid friction and get her own way.

So, all newly married women out there and even those who've been married for years and losing hair thinking about why they forget your birthday, leave wet towels on the bed, don't notice your new hair style, watch TV when you talk to them – pick up this book and laugh your way through marriage! Husbands, it's time to laugh at yourselves!

So simply put and hits the nail almost every time. Yes, men don't like to know what upsets their wives, but they have to fix it nevertheless. Yes, they do not notice things like a hair cut. Yes, to avoid confrontation they just say sorry. Such a simple way to understand how men respond to common situations and what actually they feel about it.

 If the womenfolk accepted this knowing that they are still loved and cared for, marriages would be happier and definitely more conflict free. The classic insight for me was “to get them to work just make them believe you cannot do it!”

 Gems there and How to Read Your Husband Like a Book is a light fun read and the cute doddles just makes one want to scroll and go the next to see what will it be this time!

 Raksha Bharadia, Editor – Chicken Soup for the Soul (Indian Series) and Founder –

How to Read Yor Husband Like a Book is an amusing read for all married women. It provides beneficial advice, and how! This is the perfect handbook to understand your husband, without getting into irksome arguments and discussions, an innovative way to put across a point effortlessly. The humorous approach has been a less explored route which makes this book pique the reader’s curiosity and interest. The caricatures make you look, but the message makes you stay.

Delightful, compelling and insightful!

Dr. Nisha Khanna, Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationship Expert