Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to inspire your child with creative gifts

Look for something that will stimulate the mind and also keep little hands busy. Here a few creative gifts for kids.

Childhood is period of fantasy and adventure filled with curiosity, exploration and the constant thrill of discovering something new. Skip the regular toys and the temptation of gifting gadgets like tablets. Instead, give them a creative gift and they are sure to be overjoyed

Gift musical instruments based on the age of the child, a tambourine, mouth organ or a flute will work for small children while pre-teens and teens can be gifted instruments like a keyboard or guitar. These will spark an interest in music and before you know it, they would have learnt to play tunes on them or even make their own music!

Puppets are a great way to spark a child’s imagination and encourage him or her to make their own stories and enact them. You can gift glove puppets, string puppets and even a puppet theater set.

Children when given the right tools can create art with such vibrant colors and themes that you would have never dreamt possible! Gift something that allows them to express themselves innovatively, say a sand art kit, a fashion designer kit, an origami pack, a painting box and so on.

Science gifts are a great way to introduce children to the wonders of Science and enjoy the subject. While choosing, make sure they are age appropriate, for smaller kids go for simple ones like a toy binoculars or a Doctor set, for older children, you can choose from the wide range of Chemistry kits, robot assembly kits, microscopes and Bubble Science kits.

A creative experience is a priceless gift. Take the children to a pottery class or a craft class where they get to learn to deign and make something that they will be really proud of.
Want to give a customized gift? Make a collage of the child’s pictures and get this printed onto a large poster. Get the child’s photograph printed on a T-shirt or a mug and add a fun line about the child, he or she is bound to be thrilled. These ideas should help you hunt down the perfect creative gift.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Engaging hobby kits for children

Hobbies help build right and left brain skills, gift a hobby kit based on the child’s interest and age.

Today’s digital generation seems to be incessantly hooked to their tablets and computers. With online games and game apps ruling the roost, now it’s time to introduce them to the magical childhood filled with hobbies that you had enjoyed.

Hobby Kits expose your child to a new activity and lets them explore and learn. Choose them based on the age and interest of a child. Science Kits, Nature Kits, Craft Kits, Cookery Kits, Lego Kits and so on are just a few of the options you can pick from.

Lego Activity Kits

Lego Kits will always be an evergreen hobby favorite with children. With scores of designs and themes to choose from, these let them build their motor and logical skills. For younger kids go for the bigger Lego blocks with simple themes like a house and for the older ones, choose more complicated themes which range from furry creatures to castles and tow trucks.

Children love nature activities

Cultivate a love for nature among kids. You can create a customized Nature Kit by putting together child-friendly garden tools and some seeds. You could add on attractive pots or books on gardening as well. Nature Kits available off the shelf are the Insect Collecting Kit, Butterfly Garden, Pressed Flower Collection Kit, Hydrodome Kit and more.  These are suitable children hobbies for kids aged 8 and above.

Stir the curiosity with science hobby kits

Science is a vibrant subject and Science Kits bring it alive!  My First Science Kit is an introductory kit with select experiments, ideal for kids four and above. Fizzy Foam Science, Perfumery, Sci-fi Slime and Tasty Science are fun kits for pre-teens and above.
Let the child get creative by making something to jazz up his or her room! Go for a Light-up-chandelier Kit, Sand Art Kit, Candle Making Kit, Mask Making Kit and so on. They will be quite proud to see their creations displayed.

Cookery is something that most kids take to like fish to water. Start them off on basic cooking with cookery activity kits. Baking Kits, Pizza Kits and Chocolate Modelling Kits are good gift options.