Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How my istriwala irons out his challenges

pic: gov.au
The arrow has to be pulled back to go forward. My istriwala's wife was diagnosed with cancer and here's what he did. Challenges bring out the best in you, did they say. He turned out to be a hero. At first, he sought financial help and a few of contributed. In a couple of weeks, he started delivering rice bags to the neighbourhood. I was very happy. Next he also got into sale of water cans, good business in Chennai. When I met him, he said, "I need to support her as she has stood by me and means a lot to me. I never knew that I could push myself to do all this." Live has a beautiful way of giving us the strength and courage to do things just when things are down for us. But few of us do it like my istriwala. The arrow has to be pulled back to go forward. The tiger crouches before leaping. If you go one step backward, don't worry. Leap forward like my istriwala.