Sunday, February 1, 2009

6 Wokplace Etiquettes you Must Follow

You’re good at technology, designing, sales. But how about understanding people at work? That’s the key to success at work. Know your workplace etiquette to be effective at office.

Dress Smartly
If you’re new to work, it’s best not to splurge on new dresses. Get into your office and watch the general trend of dressing. See what the bosses wear. Don’t wear loud colors. Full sleeves and typical corporate trousers are recommended. Match your socks and shoes with your trousers. Don’t be seen as a casual dresser.

Avoid Gossiping at Office
Gossiping is a time wasting effort whose only reward is painful isolation. Keep away from it and avoid encouraging those who bite behind others backs. Sooner or later the gossiper is “caught” and gets isolated from peers at work.

Write formal emails
Never assume it’s okay to say hee, lol, btw etc. Be formal and polite in your emails whether to internal or external customers. Personalize each mail. Leave your complete signature with contact numbers.

Network at Office
If you sit at your desk all day, you’re not gonna make any friends. Move out, meet people and know what they do. When you need help you’ll know whom to turn to. Find out what else the workplace offers in terms of activities. Volunteer to join one or two. Contribute meaningfully. This helps build a positive brand for you.

Behavior Etiquette
Never swear at work. Don’t take unnecessary calls at work. Follow table manners. Avoid chatting net chats. And don’t be rude to anyone.

Don’t intrude into colleague’s zone
Give each one the space to do their own things. Never impose yourself on someone even if you want to help them. Don’t offer to help unless you’re comfortable with the colleague. Guide them when they seek help.

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