Monday, February 16, 2009

Tips to Gain Motivation

Process Orientation: Instead of focusing on your goals, try extracting joy from each individual task along the way. In other words, focus on the process instead of the product. You may find that many of your tasks are enjoyable (or can be made that way) if you stop worrying about their overall purpose.
John Place

Use a loss of motivation as an opportunity to reconsider what your motivation really is. One reason I lost motivation is that I became too concerned with the financial aspect of blogging and lost sight of the real reason I started: sharing my passion for self improvement and the pursuit of happiness. When I realigned my motivation with my passion, the lack of results didn’t matter. My motivation returned because I realized connecting with people through my writing is an end in itself. Even if this site never makes I dime, sharing my ideas and experiences to help other people is worth the effort.
John Wesley

The next thing is to visualize! Visualizing is very powerful. See yourself as being successful. Imagine how great it will feel when you finally achieve what you are trying to do. Visualize people patting you on the back, hugging or clapping you, for a job well done. See these images as vividly as you can, and as often as you can. Imagine how this will feel.
Kay Drummond

Remember the benefits of staying fit and what it will do for your body in the short and long run. Some of the benefits of exercising is losing and maintaining weight. It also prevents or manageshigh blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, preventing cancer, builds muscle, improves mood, reduced stress, and the list goes on. This way you’ll gain motivation to stay fit.

Set yourself some goals and try to mix with positive people. Positive people are usually happy, confident, enthusiastic and will give you plenty of encouragement. They will help to bring a little bit of sunshine into your life, and instead of putting you down, they will help to build your hopes and be there to support you. It's great having a friend who enquires about your health, and perhaps who will join you at an exercise class. Steer clear of the negative types, who will try to undermine your confidence.

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