Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Loss of Motivation – How to Bounce Back

From time to time many of us lose motivation. We tend to become uncertain, anxious, depressed or confused. Here’s how to get over low motivation. Let me assure you that this is a normal emotion millions around the globe go through.

How does loss of motivation happen?
There could be some change that occurred recently which drags you down. Change of boss, place of work, change in relationships, change in financial status.

Negative Experience leads to Low Feeling
Negative experiences also result in motivation loss. Perhaps, a fight with partner, a misunderstanding with a colleague, a wrong judgement at work.

Lack of Focus
It’s amazing how even experienced professionals can suddenly get sucked up by the routine and lose focus. Inability to understand what you want.

Lack of Confidence
You seem to reach a dead end where you can’t solve a problem – personal or professional. Self belief suffers casting doubts about your capability.

Lack of Planning
Sometimes most of us just keep riding our luck. Just doing things without much of a plan. When a problem occurs in the routine, this hurts our confidence and we begin to falter in our decisions.

So, how to overcome loss of motivation?
You need to be cool. Clarity of thoughts is key to overcoming loss of motivation. Write down your feelings. Find out what caused this dip in drive and energy. List them out and debate.

Bring back your Focus
I’m sure you use a camera. Ever noticed how a blurred image is quickly corrected by adjusting the focus. And lo! You’re able to see things very clearly. The same way, you need to focus on your important short term and long term goals. Concentrate on them.

Plan of Action for your Goals
It’s just not enough if you know what you want to do. You need to break down the activity week by week. Take small achievable goals, one step at a time.

Prioritize your Activities
Now that you have a plan. Prioritize what you want to do first. Work on it, analyze and move forward.

These Loss of Motivation Tips should help you tide over low drive very soon.

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