Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Learn to Cope with Loneliness

Loneliness is a deep seated feeling of separateness. Here’s help on how to cope with loneliness. Loneliness sets in when we grapple with a problem and our confidence is low in handling it. Feeling lonely is quite common these days.

Are you feeling unwelcome
Sometimes a negative experience in childhood can leave a huge scar on ones personality. Over a period, some overcome it, others who don’t feel undesirable and drown in loneliness. Even adults with low self esteem and facing rejections from people around can feel desperately alone.

Do you feel unwanted
Relationships that turn sour can cause severe psychological damage to some. They feel helpless in dealing with it and can generally withdraw from social activities.

Physically challenged
When normal activities are hampered, this is a painful feeling to overcome. Few accept the conditions and overcome it. Others start thinking why this happened to me. Am I not a good person? What bad karma has brought this?

Are you grappling with the loss of someone dear
When someone close to us dies, there’s a terrible sense of emptiness that descends on us. We feel that a huge vacuum is around us. We feel life has become worse or less wonderful after the person has gone away. Life suddenly seems to have no meaning.

Are you grappling with a relationship split
Dependence on partners or girlfriends and boyfriends results in a terrible disconnect, after the break-up. It’s but natural that two people don’t see eye to eye and want to split. But when you don’t have a warning and it comes out of the blue, some can’t seem to manage emotions.

Are you mentally ill
Chronic pains, incurable illnesses can also lead to withdrawals and pangs of loneliness.

Are you old
Old age with its physiological changes can result in a sense of hopelessness. With not much income, not enough people to take care, the feeling of unwantedness sinks in.

Get connected to positive relationships
One can’t allow just time to heal such feelings. You need to find solutions to manage loneliness. Go out and network, join the gym or club. Meet new people and pass your time.

This could be a nice way to keeping away those dark feelings. Positive strokes can make you confident in dealing with separateness.

Speak about your fears and insecurities
Humans are social animals. We were born to live with others. We need people to talk about our passion, aims, fears and insecurities. Can you speak to someone at home, friends or an old schoolmate.

Once you speak about what causes loneliness, then you feel lighter. You feel that you’ve got the monkey off your back.

Be where the crowd is
Avoid being alone anywhere. Seek company, even if you don’t participate. Get out of your bedroom and head to the hall. Get out of your cubicle and go for coffee. Being where people are around you tends to calm your nervousness.

See the doctor
If you feel you’re not in control of yourself. Please see the doctor. A specialist who can help you understand the root and overcome the feeling of loneliness.

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