Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 Easy Success Secrets to Follow

Do you know the easy way to success? Find out how greats like Federer, Muralitharan and Tiger Woods do it.
The key to success in any activity is a dream. Dreams push you to action. They work on your subconscious mind even when you’re asleep. Dreams give you a burst of fresh energy. Think of what you want to achieve, everyday. Visualize what you want to do. Read about it. Know what it takes to reach. Eat, sleep, dream your way to success. Feel the success in your mind. Psychologists suggest you to think about what you want to achieve before sleep. And after waking up.

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They commit to their DREAMs. You can do it too. Commit yourself to the dream. Write it on a piece of paper and stick it on your desk or workspace. Let the world know your dream. You`ll learn to live up to it. The poster will remind you of the dream and pump up your confidence levels. The family will give you all the support. The entire home will be charged up with positive feelings. Now, ask yourself, how can you ever lose!

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No one succeeds without a plan. What`s yours? Put down all the details. The minutest things to look out for. What you need to learn. Hours of preparation. Partners to search for different functions. Best technology to implement. Getting finance ready for the next 12 months. Then, document the plan step by step. Discuss the pros and cons. Choose the alternates. ALL READY. Now get your plan B ready and you’re all set to win.

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Get buy in from spouse, family. You need all their support, don`t you. Be frank with them. Share your dream, why you're doing it, money you can make etc. Give them the confidence that a lot of thinking has gone into it. But seek their opinion. Listen with an open heart. They will rave and rant. They’ll be angry and insecure. Be patient. Answer their anxieties objectively. Tell them you have not decided as yet. Give ‘em time. They will support when you actually begin the new project.

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Listen to your instincts but share plans with those you trust. Discuss plans with professors, peers you trust. They may see another side of it. Your passionate involvement may turn a blind spot and prevent you from seeing certain possibilities. Hearing different views helps you look outside your limitations. This makes you better prepared to launch your activity. Find answers for their questions. Know the challenges ahead. That’s as good as doing it.

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  1. Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.