Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Find Your Passion and Follow it?

Passion is an intense feeling for something. If you find it, pursue it and make yourself happy.

Quite often we drift away in life, not stopping to think if what we do makes us happy. But, ask this question now.

What makes me happy? What is the one thing that I’ll be happy doing even if I don’t make much money from it.

Chances are that it could be gardening, crafts, music, charity, children, writing – something very simple.

But how do you find out what you’re passionate about?
Think of all the good times when you lost yourself in something. When time flew by, when you felt great after doing it. When you felt light post the event. And when you felt life’s purpose had been close to being achieved. This will lead you to your inner self. The one that actually drives you to do things you do.
Now, after some introspection, if you found it was gardening (or something else), then you must plan to spend some time on this every week.

Just step out and walk by your garden. Are the flowers colourful and blooming? Can you smell the leaves? Do you feel good that you’re fortunate to have a garden.

Now take stock of what’s there in the garden. List what you’d like to have – plants, fruits, vegetables.

Write down how you’d like the layout to be. Would some fixtures and pebbles look good.

Now, get to the market and buy things month after month, till you set up the garden.

Plant the seeds yourself, manure and water them regularly. Small thrills but you’ll feel happy for sure.

Found your passion. Follow the passion. Find happiness.

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