Friday, February 20, 2009

Coping with Depression – Positive Tips

It’s never easy to cope with bouts of depression. But learn how to deal with depression by following achievable goals.

Since the mind is not in a positive frame, you can’t have quick recovery plans and execute them. Try, hard as it is, to get out of bed and do small things that’ll make you feel better.

Call those close to you. Speaking to them can certainly make you a little happy. It also helps to know that some people love and care for you.

Catch a fresh breath of air by talking a little walk. You’ll feel much better than sitting the whole day at home.

Eat well and adequately. Try plenty of fruits.

Try sleeping for atleast 8 hours. A good rest ensures a healthier system to fight depression.

Join a club if it’s possible, so that you can relax a bit and meet people too.

Don’t feel very normal, join a Depression Form and meet up others who are facing similar problems and learn how they deal with depression.

Rewarding yourself for every small progress is recommended.

Try a hobby. Painting, music or dance. That should provide you a little welcome diversion.

Fight the cause. Identify all those things that cause depression in you. It could be work, finance or relationship related. Resolve each one of them.

Don’t stay idle for long. Take a walk, go out for coffee or jog.

Don’t hesitate to get medical help when you need it.

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