Friday, January 30, 2009

How to write a resume during this downtrend

You’ve got just 5 seconds. Resumes are flooding the market. Human resources professionals and consultants are having a tough time going through tons of resumes. So how can you make your resume stand apart?

Write Short Scannable Resumes
Recruiters normally give 5 to 10 seconds for a resume. That’s all you have to get the person interested in you. So write short two-page resumes.

Identify your core strengths, cull your key responsibilities and list your important accomplishments only.

Use bulled points to highlight. No tables or unwanted graphics.

Rewrite resumes for each position
Not every role you apply for require the same strengths or match the same set of responsibilities. Depending upon the position applied for, tailor-make each resume putting down only the strengths required specifically for that role. This ensures your chances of earning an interview is bright.

Summarize your capabilities and accomplishments
If you don’t catch their eye in 5 seconds all is lost. The first para must be the best. Highlight the best of abilities, experiences and accomplishments. Put your best stuff right at the top.

Don’t write your expected salary
The slowdown has led to job cuts and there are many fighting for few jobs. Don’t blow your chances by quoting a fancy figure that companies aren’t willing to pay right now. Make it “willing to discuss”.

Use Positive Language
In negative times such as these, the power of positive words can be magical. Write with zest, infectious zest. Use words like strategized, channelized, executed etc. But no fluff, just enough to draw attention.

Good luck.

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  1. Fantastic post. It's hard to gauge what it is employers are looking for, and while this advice is nice on a general scale, I believe that everyone should, at least, do a bit of research into the industry in which they're applying for. However, that too might be common sense. Most people don't attempt to write resumes for fields outside what they know unless they're really hurtin' for work!