Monday, February 16, 2009

5 Ways to Improve Self Confidence Instantly

Learn to build your Self Confidence instantly using these 5 simple tips.

Very often when our confidence is down, we tend to introspect why we are not admired as much as some others we know. But, if only we asked “what is it that is admirable about the other person”, then we may find answers. And build our own self esteem.

Self Confidence is about how we look at ourselves and how the world looks at us. So, let’s begin with simple confidence building tips.

Dress Well
We dress smart so that we look good to others. And feel good when we are wearing clothes that fit us and improve our looks. Just reflect on what suits you best. When did friends or colleagues praise your sense of dressing. Was it in formals, casuals, jeans and t-shirts? Find out what suits you and makes you feel good after wearing. If you haven’t tried certain styles or colours, try them. When we mean dressing, a lot of other things go with it. A clean shaven face, styled hair, polished shoes, jewelry and the right perfumes. Never go out without seeing the mirror and assuring yourself of looking good and feeling confident. Dress well and step out in confidence.

Speak Smart
If you can’t talk, you will lose a lot of opportunities in relationships and work. The man who wields the tongue rules the world, is an old saying. It’s not necessary to attend a workshop on Public Speaking at the Dale Carnegie Institute, but you must be able to contribute meaningfully to a discussion. The best way is to listen and speak slowly after thinking what you want to say. Always appreciate the positive things about others. Build your sense of humor. A pinch of humor in speech will earn you admirers. Be interested in what the other person is saying, this endears you to the speaker. Don’t go on and on, be brief. Give others a chance to listen and react.

Compliment People Generously
We all want to be recognised, don’t we? If you want to build confidence in yourself, learn to appreciate the strengths and achievements of friends, colleagues and partner. When you feel something about the other person is nice, tell them. A feeling of goodness is infectious. The voice tells people you’re genuine. Words will flow smoothly when you feel good and speak. When you make others happy with your words, your confidence gets a shot in the arm. It will uplift your spirit.

Build on your Strengths
What are your strengths? Conversation, music, connecting to people... Work on your positive side and build them further. This will help you feel better. This will help you gain the confidence of others. Play to your strengths and soon you’ll begin to earn the admiration of those around you.

Improve Body Language
Are you walking too slowly or awkwardly? Do you slouch? Find it hard to stand firm on your feet? Or feel uncomfortable while sitting upright?

Then you need to work on them right now.
Extend your hand confidently, grasp the hand firmly and shake hands with warmth.
When you stand, space your feet a little apart, just enough to make you feel confident.
While sitting occupy the complete chair, site erect and cross your legs confidently.
Smile when you recognise a face

These strategies should help build you self esteem and confidence today.

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