Thursday, February 12, 2009

Understanding Oneself - Road to Self Discovery

Understanding one self? Here's the Road to Discovering your self.

At first, It seems very difficult to do, but it’s not so.

Yes, it does require a bit of perseverance, questioning and oodles of patience.

Most of the time people REACT to things, people and circumstances. By REACT I mean a response that seems almost automated and not in full control of the individual.

By ACT I mean being able to see a tree as a tree, without any color. Which simply means you need to see the tree without any filter. What’s a filter – conditioning, knowledge, experience.

See a tree by being totally aware of the freshness of the leaves and the fragrance of the flowers. Not the scientific knowledge it’s a banyan tree, it’s large, the roots are long and deep etc.

I’d like to draw a parallel. How do you feel when you see a sunset. A feeling of beauty overtakes you. You are enamoured by it’s colors and radiant charm.

Actually, when you see a sunset, you are with the sunset. There’s no thought in your head. You are one with the sunset.

That’s how you should see the tree. Without a thought.

By understanding oneself I mean being able to rise above the automated reaction response. I mean being able to see, experience and realize things as they are. Not from a point of view (filter or conditioning).

Can you do it?


How to do it?
Let’s assume the mind is like a pond of water. If it’s still, you can bend over and see the weeds, tadpoles and fishes at the bottom.

Throw a few stones and you’ll no longer be able to see any of them, except muddy water.

These stones are what you have read, seen, what elders told you, teachers taught you, what you saw in the movies and the television.

They condition you.

But when you saw the sunset none of these interfered with your experience. That’s why you were able to experience a state of bliss.

So, you need to break away from your knowledge, experience and conditioning.

Understanding Your Self! How to do it?
Just allow your thoughts to break free. Let them run as wild horses. Don’t chain them by being judgemental.

As you do this over a period in time, by not questioning, validating, labelling them; your thoughts are no longer hindered by knowledge, experience and conditioning.

It’s soon able to see beyond. That’s when you UNDERSTAND yourself.

Who you are? What’s the purpose of your existence? Why do you do things the way you do?

Then anger, frustration, greed and jealousy no longer live in your system.

You FEEL ALIVE to the moment. And it’s POSSIBILITIES.

Beginn the Journey to Self Discovery. Today!

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