Thursday, February 5, 2009

Motivational Business Quotes from Tom Peters

Leadership is all about love: Passion, Enthusiasms, Appetite for Life, Engagement, Commitment, Great Causes & Determination to Make a Damn Difference, Shared Adventures, Bizarre Failures, Growth, Insatiable Appetite for Change.

Pursue great talent! Hire great talent!

The decent thing to do is the smart thing to do.

Smash all functional barriers. Unfettered contact among people from different disciplines is magic.

[W]hy not have a cDo? Chief Design Officer? The best reason to do so is that it Vaults the Notion to a Higher Level! Points out that it's of Paramount Importance.

CEOs ... Grotesquely underestimate the Women's Market--and if they do more or less "get it," fail to understand the Strategic Transformation required to master it.

Don't back away from passion. "Dispassionate Innovator" is an oxymoron.

Simple wandering--listening, empathizing, staying in touch--is an ideal starting point.

The Single Most Important Thing You'll Do This Morning ... THE ONE TOOL WHICH WILL MAKE OR BREAK YOUR CAREER ... Namely the ... To-Do List.

Wildly "over-communicate," especially in tough times.

Decisionmaking of every sort is far, far better with diverse views of any flavor.

I know a good speech when I hear one. Namely the Democratic Convention keynote by [president elect] Barack Obama. ... Clear and compelling theme. Perfect pitch. Connection with the immediate and distant audience. Humor and self-deprecation. Memorable stories.

The game is won or lost at the front line! (More than ever, if that's

What are you personally great at? (Key word: "great.") Play to strengths!

Success is a function of Purposeful Decency.

We all (who would succeed) provide "experiences."

Phrases that uplift.

Make sure that you spend your time on the things you say are your priorities.

Transparency rules: Shoot straighter than straight!

While we all "do a hundred things," we may not/should not/cannot have more than 2 (or 3) true "strategic" priorities at any point in time.

"Design Is Free" is closer to the mark than you would think.

B.School teaches Presentation Excellence and Interviewing Excellence. What a pity. (Or: How stupid!)

I am the unabashed fan of the smaller or middle-sized focused enterprise. The Mittelstand Spirit and commitment to Excellence are also the best defense against hard times!

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