Thursday, January 8, 2009

How Self Awareness Helps Us Improve Positively

Being aware of the self leads to peace and happiness. Learn how?

It isn't what we know that gets us into trouble, it's what we think we know that isn't so! Everything that happens in our life is filtered through our awareness. We then act in accordance with our present level of awareness. If our awareness is faulty, our actions will be faulty. Every decision we make and every action we take is based on our level of awareness at any given moment. In order to be all we can be, we must constantly work to change and expand our level of awareness, or our perception of reality.
Anthony Robbins

And so, by progressive eliminations one succeeds in entering into contact with something, something which gives you the impression of being -- "Yes, that's 'myself'. And this something I can move around, I can move it from my body to my vital, to my mind, I can even, if I am very ... how to put it? ... very practised in moving it, I can move it into other people, and it's in this way that I can identify myself with things and people. I can with the help of my aspiration make it come out of my human form, rise above towards regions which are not longer this little body at all and what it contains.
The Mother

He who finds himself, loses his misery.
Matthew Arnold

To acquire knowledge, one must study;
but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.
Marilyn vos Savant

Being self aware is knowing
what you want in your life
your strengths and weaknesses
what motivates you and makes you happy
what you want to change about yourself or about your life
your achievements so far
how you relate to others
you need to improve as a person
your most important beliefs and values
how you see yourself as a person
Karl Perera

Through guided self-reflection exercises you will begin to realize your intrinsic higher nature and develop an expanded conscious awareness that provides you control over your thoughts, words and actions. Moreover, through expanded awareness you will gain the insight, creativity and inspiration to realize your full potential and fulfill your life purpose. These self reflective exercises enable you to find yourself and get connected with the source of enduring happiness and peace that lie within you. This process happens effortlessly and enjoyably. By finding your "Self" you find enduring happiness and peace.
Steven S. Sadleir

Becoming honest is an act of self renewal. What a sense of freedom you’ll feel when you’re able to admit to yourself...”I want this, or think this, or feel this because I’m afraid that...[fill in the blank]. This is the first step toward discovering hidden fears. What a wonderful place to know where you are! It’s difficult to reach a destination, when you don’t even know where you’re starting. You need only to gather your courage and look for your beliefs you have about yourself and your world. The rewards of doing so will lead you to places of happiness you never knew existed.

This begins with self awareness. Paying attention to our many senses, thoughts, feelings and intuition. Diving deep into our emotions to tap their sources. Seeing our thinking and how it creates our reality. Discovering our deepest essence.
John Robson

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