Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tips to acknowledge success

You can do it verbally by talking to colleagues to give and receive positive feedback. You can also do it by talking to yourself. I teach a technique where you talk to yourself in the mirror once a day as a way to remind yourself of your daily accomplishments. It is also important that we acknowledge each other in writing, if only briefly. Supervisors should acknowledge teachers, teachers should acknowledge students, parents can acknowledge teachers.Recognizing your own daily success is a form of what I call keeping a "victory log." This technique can be carried into your classroom, too. Ask your students to keep a daily log of what they learned. If they write it down, even in small bits, it will help them to verbalize it. And being able to verbalize it makes it possible for them to go home and verbalize it to their parents.The problem is that most people focus on their failures rather than their successes. But the truth is that most people have many more successes than failures, if only they count all the small daily successes we all achieve ? driving to work without an accident, getting the kids to and from school, making dinner for the family. Jack Canfield, Motivational Speaker and Inspiring author, Chicken Soup for the Soul, in an interview to Association for Career and Technical Education.

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