Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to Build Trust and Influence People

Trust is the most important component in any relationship. If there’s mistrust between two people, man and wife, boss and subordinate, teacher and student, then the value of the relationship is eroded over time. Learn how to build trust and win relationships.

Communicate well
There are many ways to earn a person’s trust. A simple way is to communicate well. Give space for the other person to air views, accommodate divergent thoughts. Once a person feels confident of speaking one’s thoughts in your presence, then you have earned his or her trust.

Accept mistakes at once
Your reputation is not tarnished if you own up a mistake. The image is only enhanced by your admission. Be humble and vow never to repeat the error.

Keep your word
If you have told your wife you’ll take her out on Sunday evening, make all efforts towards that. If the frequency of such lapses increases, she’ll lose trust in you. And will begin to mistrust everything you say and do. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Build confidence
How can you build confidence about yourself in the other person’s heart. The best way is to be inclusive. Listen to the view points of others – be it a team, family or club members. Accommodate the views, elicit opinion, discuss the best alternates to a problem. Get their concurrence and proceed. This goes a long way in building confidence and trust.

Time to change
If people don’t trust you. There must be a reason. Find that reason – non-performance, not keeping your word, negativism, frequent absenteeism, lack of interest… Once you have identified the cause. Work on it hard. If you want to change the way people look at you, change their perception of you as a person.

Develop a positive attitude
A warm personality earns trust very easily. Everyone loves folks who bubble with energy, exhibit a radiant smile and have a good word for everyone around. This positive attitude and the ability to see the good side of things connects you to family, friends, love rather quickly.

Always speak the truth
Never hide or hesitate to speak up. As they say, when you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything. This earns you trust like no other.

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  1. This is a good post. I don't easily trust other people but this article helped me how to do trust again and be trusted.