Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to Think Positively Ahead

When you're positive in your thoughts, everything around you mirrors that thought. Find ways to succeed with positive thinking.

Detect your own bias. People tend to bias their guesses and actions in certain predictable ways. For example, recent events may play a larger role in influencing decisions than they warrant; or, you may be more likely to believe something just because everyone around you believes it. If you think this sort of thing is happening, start looking closely at hard evidence (like facts and numbers) and question your own assumptions. Consult the list of cognitive biases[1] for common presumptions and biases and see if any apply to you.

As we begin to understand the deeper reality of thoughts and the way our minds function, we can learn to become master of our mind, and train it to become the leader of our evolution, and make it the key to unlocking our higher potential.
Sraddhalu Renade

Accept that you are here to grow and evolve. Life doesn’t always go smoothly. Not everything is meant to be a joyride or exercise in pleasure. Life’s lessons can be difficult, but are more so if you approach them with avoidance and apprehension. If you see them as opportunities to become stronger, wiser and more resilient, you are thinking positively and productively.
Zorka Hereford

Thinking outside the box requires different characteristics:

One should be willing to take new perspectives to day-to-day work.
One should be capable of thinking differently with an open mind, think about stuff with substance, and do things differently.
One must focus on the value of finding new ideas and acting on them.
One must strive to create value in newer ways.
One must be capable of listening to, supporting, nurturing and respecting others when they come up with new ideas.
Sudhi Seshachala

More than just being on guard for mental viruses, thinking for yourself requires that you learn a lot. Your ability to think is only as strong as the mental resources you have behind it. That means learning a lot about subjects relevant to your life, it also means spending a lot of time thinking about ideas after you’ve read them. Learning isn’t a passive activity.

Visualise your forthcoming race or match. See yourself win with ease, confidence and coordination, in as much detail as possible. Feel the appropriate emotions as you play and win, and get a sense that you really "know" you can do it.
Anastasia Stephens

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