Monday, January 19, 2009

Know and Manage Your Anger from Attacking Your Health

Postpone your activity when you feel angry. Cool down for clarity of thought. Minutes later you will be able to take a better decision.

Find out the root cause of your anger. Work on it to improve. Search for answers, it's not the person who makes you angry, but what the person does.

Anger is one letter short of danger. You tend to take wrong decisions when you're angry. And those might harm you professionally or personally.

Remember, anger hurts YOU first. Not the target of your anger. Be wise, reflect on a better way to handle the situation.

Be aware of your feelings when you turn angry. Doesn't it leave a bad taste in you. Makes you feel bad. Stop being angry. Respect your feelings.

How to control anger? Analyze why you get angry. Expecting too much from others? Unable to tolerate mediocrity. Tone down expectations. Help others improve.

Did you know that anger churns the stomach and kicks up the production of acidic gastric juices. That it pushes up your blood pressure. It hurts your health.

Meditation is one way of getting anger out of your system. It helps you dissipate your negative anger. And focus on your positive energy. Try it today.

How can you tackle anger? When you get angry, quickly do the things you like. Play music, shake a leg, take a walk. Call your best friend. Soon it subsides.

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