Sunday, January 18, 2009

There is no way but to Question the Truth

That which is true cannot be proved to be untrue
That which is proved to be untrue cannot be true

Therefore question the truth. If it is the truth it will stand the test of questioning and still prove to be the truth. If it is not able to stand the questioning then it is not the truth.

If we say there is oneness or rather there is only one. Let us say someone says this is the truth. Question it. How can there be oneness in everything/ How can we say that Ramu and John are one? Are they not two different people? Fine, they are two different people? How do we know they are different? Because something is evlauting them and finding them to be different? If that something is evaluating the two of them, does it not mean it is able to relate to both, otherwise it can not show the similarity or dissimilarity in the two. If there is something which is evaluating them both, it means that both are related to that. If they are related to that they are related to each other.

There’s another way of looking at this. Fine, John and Ramu are different. What is John? What is Ramu? Physical constitution are same – blood, parts etc. But what are these? Atoms? Are the atoms not the same in both. Ok but they think differently, they behave differently. Fine what is thought. What is behaviour? In final analysis are they not the same.

There is something about the truth. Something inside knows what is the truth. If for example we are unable to go beyond a stage in an argument and we stop there and at that point, the conclusion is that what we started with seems to be untrue, a continued nagging feeling is there which continues to ponder over the issue further even after we think we have laid the issue to rest.

So we get on to the argument at some later point and continue. Till we reach a point when calm prevails and truth prevails (remember if it is not the truth, it cannot be referred to as truth)

So questioning is not bad. In fact questioning should be encouraged. If one does not find meaning in rituals and religious practices then one should be allowed to question them. If they are indeed true they will prevail, why fear.

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