Friday, January 16, 2009

Everything happens for a reason

There is in fact a reason behind everything that happens. Can something happen if there is no cause. There has to be a cause for something to happen. Whether it is do with emotional outburst, illness, accident, lottery, cyclone, stock market fall, bomb blast, nobel prize – anything. Whether the event is small or big. Whether the event is personal or impersonal. Whether the event affects one or many or millions. Whether the event is good or bad. Whether the happening is beneficial or disastrous. Whether the event is planned or unexpected. Everyone of them has a cause behind it.

How can we say this? Simple, how can something happen without a cause.

Lets take a lottery where the event can be totally unforeseen and impossible to predict. Can we say that there is a cause behind it? Of course, yes. There is a programme which was written which made this occurrence to be random. It was a random choice. But something made that random event happen. Lets say I am shuffling cards and am distributing cards to different people. None of us know which cards come to us. Yet does that mean there is no cause for the cards which each of us received. What made me shuffle. Something made me stop the shuffling at some point. Something thus made the cards land up in the pack where they were before I distributed them.

The most difficult to explain – our emotional behaviour - does have a cause. The variables of the cause could be numerous including things like what we inherited as genes, what we learnt sometime in our lives, learnings reinforced in the family,

Whatever, the fact that there is a cause. There is a reason cannot be denied.

This logic, this rationale, this cause all this is Divine.

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