Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation I Solutions for Lack of Self Drive

Let’s first understand what is motivation. And then resolve it.

Motivation is the internal condition of our mind that determines or fuels the direction of our behaviour.

Why are people motivated?
People are motivated by the fear of failure or the thirst for success.

Reasons for Lack of Motivation
Professionals do not have a committed (I mean written) set of goals
People think they don’t have the skills and capabilities to achieve future goals
The current activities they at work is not going to lead them to their dreams
Work they do presently may be conflicting with their future plans
Incentives at workplace may be low, therefore demotivating
Emotional issues clash with workplace activities
There’s a general lack of drive, and persisting negative feelings

Solutions to lack of motivation
It’s best to write down a set of goals (for a three year window). Break then down to simple tasks.
For example: Clear credit card outstandings by year end
Buy a home next year
Quit day job and do home based business by third year

Note: Ask any achiever from Obama to Steve Jobs to Magic Johnson, all of them had a dream. They were passionate about getting there. They dreamt out it. They committed it in words. Wrote them on a diary or stuck it on the bedroom walls.

If you doubt your capabilities, then there could be some history to it.
Maybe you were not an achiever at high school or didn’t do well at sports.But past doesn’t matter. If you can identify areas for development. Work out a three month plan to upgrade those skills, you’re on the way to success.

In cases where folks want to move to a higher level, but the scope of current work prevents them, a hard look at things is necessary.
Can you discuss with your supervisor regarding your desires. Seek his help in getting into a role that would ultimately help in reaching your goal. Change your role, move to another department, do a part time course – but head towards your stated goal.

Many a time we do certain things that don’t keep us happy. Or worse still we know that are hearts actually lie elsewhere.
A customer support executive may desire to become a pianist, but the lack of financial backup prevents them from pushing towards music. The best solution for this is to first look at honing the skills in piano. Move from being a student to a master’s level. Practice with a small group of students. Build enough resources to take a plunge into a fulltime music career.

Mere external incentives should not motivate you. There are things you need to achieve to build confidence and feel good about your capabilities. But if you still feel dreadfully low because you are not rewarded for work done, you must find a way to get the reward. Or move out to another role.

General feeling of negativeness is dangerous for your health. Spur yourself to motivation by doing things that you love – aerobics, heading to a move or enjoy your favourite at Mcdonald’s. Reward yourself for every small achievement – get your ice cold coffee or homemade chocolates. Spend time with your cat or pub. Curl up and read a book. First feel good.

I hope these solutions for motivating yourself should do you wonders. Stay motivated.

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