Friday, January 23, 2009

How Can Short People Build Self Confidence in 30 Days

Are you Nervous. Fumble Often. Reluctant to Voice Opinions
Then you certainly need help.

First Accept that you are Short
Denying doesn’t take you anywhere. You must understand and be aware that you are short. Never hate yourself for being a few inches less or wallow in self pity. Learn to be normal. Don’t be self conscious. The way you see yourself is the way the world begins seeing you. So change the way you see yourself, and the world changes the way it’s seeing you. Sounds simple!

Build your Self Esteem
Respect your own self. A bit of extra energy and focus in sport and studies will go a long way in building self esteem. Cultivating a good hobby will improve your stature. This helps in shrugging off taunts and jibes from people around.

Charm People during Small Conversations
One of the proven ways to attract people to you is through the ability to engage people for an hour in dinner conversations. A crash course in public speaking is a MUST. Being well informed about things adds to it. Remember, women are turned on by intelligent men with a sense of humor. Think of all the people who were admired at college. Invariably each one of them was a good speaker.

Famous Short Men
Being short isn’t sin. Being short isn’t bad. Being short isn’t ugly. Napoloen Bonaparte, the famous French ruler, led France to victory in many battles. Alexander Pope, the British essayist and poet, is credited with well known essays and poems. Al Pacino famous for his portrayal of the don in Godfather was only 5`5”. Richard Burton, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Bob Dylan, Mel Gibson, Alfred Hitchcock, Elton John, Ross Perot and even Martin Luther King were short people. Short by height, tall by stature. Most of these guys had enduring sex appeal and entertained and inspired millions the world over.

They never thought they were SMALL. They dreamt BIG.

Small Things could Change your Confidence
Learn to perform well at work. Deliver on time. Put in a little extra effort to pick up new skills. These will not only make colleagues look at you with respect, but also pumps up your self esteem. A smile on your face always helps. So does a sense of humor.

Never Isolate Yourself
Get along with folks, normally. Enjoy being in a group. Contribute meaningfully. Be helpful. Talk less, if you want, but talk intelligently. And most importantly make your opinions heard in a crowd.

Walk at your Own Pace
Scurrying across is seen as a way to keep pace with taller people and also displays lack of confidence. Walk confidently at a pace that’s normal for you. That enhances your image.

Never Look up too often at Tall People
Whenever you’re in a group of tall people, do at people’s faces and talk, but it’s not necessary to sprain your neck by looking up all the time. Be smart, find a place to sit and feel comfortable.

Ready for little efforts to Change. Good Luck.

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