Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Enrich your life – pursue those hobbies you enjoyed

Most of us, particularly those who are employed full time in companies often find monotony and stress taking a toll on us. We lose energy at the end of the day and feel it is too much for us.

One definite way to rejuvenate our lives is to pursue the hobbies we had as a child. Parents are so keen to encourage and nurture the talent of their children in those extra curricular ones. (In fact may parents force their children even when the children are reluctant. Well that is another story.) But how much do they pursue interests of their own.

Maybe you learnt swimming as a child. Maybe you collected stamps – one of worlds popular hobbies. Maybe you did paper art. Maybe you indulged in ham radio. Maybe you were part of the aero modeling club. Sure, there must be one or more hobbies you indulged, which you gave lot of joy. But after a while, given the rigour of education, priorities in adulthood and then responsibilities as a parent, we gave them up for something else. It is a good idea for more than one reason. You enjoyed indulging it then and you will enjoy it now. You need those moments of joy. Those hobbies occupy you physically, mentally and emotionally. They will relax you and channelize your energies for a while into them. And then what more, when we see ourselves making improvements in these hobbies we feel better, don’t we. No Boss to judge and do a performance appraisal, but ourselves.

Children will grow and move on. Jobs will cease. Your personal possession – your hobbies will continue to keep you meaningfully engaged. There are those advertisements of pension funds which scare you with what will happen after retirement and lead you to think of saving for the retirement. That’s about money. But imagine money replaced with talent. If you invest in them now and always, they will give you a purpose even when you have retired from work.

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