Monday, January 26, 2009

How to Think Effectively

Survey like an Eagle (as if from on high) Get the big picture, include all that's relevant, see the boundaries, understand in a summary way what is happening.

Observe like an Owl (with 360° vision) Be aware of all factors, even hidden or difficult to spot, which may affect what should be the real question. Measure what really happens.

Solve like a Human (with ingenuity and wackiness) Use the full rein of your imagination to find the non-obvious solutions.
Barry Welford

If you mean to make an impression, you have to be able to think on your feet, hurl yourself into the moment, and improvise.

It probably seems as though you’re thinking all the time, but like the rest of your body, your brain uses a variety of strategies and tricks to minimize the energy it requires. And its most effective strategy for conversing brain energy is actually not to think at all. In fact, most of the time your brain is involved in just one of three activities: distraction, reaction or following well-worn patterns.
Tim Hurson

Make your mistakes quickly. You may mess things up on the first try, but do it fast, and then move on. Document what led to the error so that you learn what to recognize, and then move on. Get the mistakes out of the way. As Shakespeare put it, "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt."
Ed Boyden

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