Thursday, February 5, 2009

Motivating your team in bad times

It’s tough times, so hold your team together and keep the flock motivated. Uplift their drive or you’re on the hot seat.

Connect to them
This is a priority in motivating your folks. Spend more time with them, understand if they have any issues at work that’s bothering them and offer a fix. Give them scope to do something that they are passionate about. Let them utilize 15 to 20 percent of their time on this. Look at Google’s policy of allowing employees to pursue their passion 20 percent of the time. It has produced a lot of new application for the company. Many innovative ideas will roll out of this rule. It’s the time for mentoring your key team mates. As a supervisor you have the responsibility to chart a career path and help people grow.

What makes employees tick?
Not everyone is motivated by money. A few may be driven by position. Yet others may be happy with recognition. As a supervisor, you must find out what makes your team mates tick. What really drives them. And use individual triggers to pump up their motivation levels.

Do they see meaning in the work they do?
Happiness is much more than just a job. There needs to be a purpose. Employees must be aware of the mission of the company. They must feel happy about contributing meaningfully to the team’s cause. Is the individual in alignment with the team’s cause. Or does one feel better off doing something else. As a manager you must harness the team’s capabilities and push them in the same direction.

Chalk a growth path
If team mates don’t know where they are headed, then you know that you’re heading nowhere. A sense of belonging will arise when the individual feels the company is long at his long term interests and chalking a growth path for him or her. Make him aware of a career path available for him. He’ll get his efforts and enthusiasm in the right direction.

Is the team gelling well as a unit
The binding factor of joy in a team is critical to keeping juniors motivated. How long is it since you took them out for coffee? Do you know if there are any fissures within the team. Step in now and save your team. Bonding between members is very important during bad times. Employees need to feel good about working on your team.

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