Friday, September 26, 2014

Picking best gifts for the Aquarius woman

The classy, sophisticated and intelligent Aquarian woman will love gifts that appeal to her refined taste or appeal to her intellect. A few tips to woo her with gifts.

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

The Aquarius woman is cultured, sophisticated and has a sharp, inquiring mind. Books provide great fodder for her thought, however avoid history, mushy romances and fantasy, she is rather forward thinking. Go for books that have a progressive view of life or science fiction

Choose classy gifts for your Aquarian women

This lady puts a lot of stock by looking well-groomed and well-dressed. Bright fuchsia, cobalt blue or charcoal gray are colours that work really well for her. Pick up a nice gown or an evening gown or dress with a futuristic twist.

If gifting jewelry is on your mind, remember that it’s not mere material value that sways this sign. It may not be that expensive diamond but that custom designed piece that’s original that will win her over.

Floor your Aquarian girl with cool gadgets

Many feel that women are not great gadget freaks but the Aquarius woman adores them. An i-pad, a GPRS system, a laptop and so on make nice gifts. She is likely to enjoy photography, so gift a digital camera with interesting features that can keep her clicking away to heart’s content.

Pandering to her social consciousness

The Aquarius woman is committed to social causes, gift her tickets to a fund-raising concert or dinner or donate money for a cause in her name. Gift something environment-friendly like a recycled piece of furniture or handicrafts made from natural products.

She loves friends. Throw her a birthday party complete with great food and her friends. Gift her a well-stocked gourmet basket with enough fine wine, cheese and other goodies that can be shared.

New age gifts that woo her

New age gifts fascinate Aquarius.  Try gifting a pack of Tarot cards with an instruction book, a beautiful crystal, a gemstone bracelet, aromatherapy oils or a spa package. A nice piece of art would be much appreciated. If you want to gift an artifact, look for something rare or unusual, say an old Roman coin, an unusual figurine, an antique and so on.

These ideas should help you come up with a fabulous birthday gift for the Aquarius woman.

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