Saturday, October 18, 2014

What does Gemini man seek as a birthday gift

Imaginative and curious Gemini will love gifts that appeal to the mind. The great communicator will also enjoy gifts that pander to communication like phones.

The Gemini man is blessed with the gift of the gab and is usually the life of a party. He also loves the pursuit of knowledge and will seek to slake his curious mind. Geminis crave variety so make sure your gifts are quite different year on year.

Feeding Gemini's intellectual curiosity

As per the Zodiac, Gemini men love intellectual fodder and are avid readers so gift them books or magazine subscriptions for their birthday and they are sure to cherish it.  The Gemini man is fond of company so a great birthday gift would be throwing a birthday party in honor of him and inviting all his friends. Make sure it’s big and glitzy.  He loves to stay in touch so communication devices like cell phones are a good idea.  He also has a constant tendency to pen down thoughts so stationery, scribbling pads, notebooks and pens are good gifts too.

Travel, Adventure Gifts

The Gemini man, going by his star sign characteristics, loves to travel and explore new horizons, so travel books, travel gear, binoculars, cameras, designer luggage or backpacks will keep him happy especially when the travel bug bites him again. Foreign lessons or DVDs would also hold great appeal for Gemini who loves to learn new things. If you have a budget for it, gift a great holiday getaway.

Gemini men love presents that entertain

If you want to give a personal birthday gift, pick something nice for his wardrobe or go for an accessory like a watch. You can even give something that actually features the zodiac sign like a nice mug, t-shirt, plaque and so on. Geminis are great music lovers. Pander to their love for music by gifting a home entertainment system, an i-pod or some great music CDs.

The Gemini man loves variety, so you can make up a goodie hamper. Choose a variety of personal care products and gift them. You can also make a gourmet hamper that features fine wine, cheeses, cold cuts and so on.

These ideas should help you pick the right birthday gift for the Gemini man.

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