Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Great gifts to buy for your Aquarius man

Gift your intelligent, creative and well-groomed Aquarian man something that complements his taste and interests like books, art or clothes. What gifts endear him to you, find out.

(20 Jan – Feb 18)

The Aquarius man is quite fond of technological advancements and this makes hi-tech gadgets like the latest i-phone, GPRS system, tablet and so on good choices. Most of them enjoy being shutterbugs so a digital camera with some good features works well too.

Gifting the curious Aquarian man

The Aquarius man, by the very nature of his star sign, has a keen inquiring mind which makes him a book lover. Gift him books that deal with travel, philosophy, political history and science.  He will love holidaying in unusual places, so if you plan to gift a vacation, make sure it’s unique, like say an oasis in a desert. Gift cool adventure gear like sun glasses, a backpack, Swiss knife, sleeping bag or a tent.

Dining with the foodie

As per the zodiac Aquarius men love to eat. Why not cook up his favorite meal or take him out to a fine dining restaurant to celebrate? If you have enough time, create a custom gourmet food basket with fine wine, cheeses and tinned delights.

The Aquarius man loves to flaunt a toned body. How about gifting a subscription to a gym, gym clothes or even sneakers? They like to present themselves well so a formal shirt or a tie would be a good addition to his wardrobe.  Purple, blues and sunset orange are the colors associated with this sign and you could look for these when choosing clothes.

Stir the artist in the Aquarius man

An artistic touch is something that every Aquarian star sign has. Gift a painting, a beautiful statue or figurines. If you have a talent for art and craft, make something especially for him and he will be thrilled to bits. He also enjoys cooking especially rustling up a barbecue for friends.Gift a barbecue grill or a nice set of saucepans.

How about something that features the Aquarius zodiac symbol? Try zodiac watches, personalized zodiac mugs, zodiac keychains and zodiac T-shirts with witty captions. You can also gift a ring with the Aquarius birthstone, Amethyst. Gift some DVDs or home entertainment systems that lets him relax.

This should help you pick up the right birthday gift for the Aquarius man.

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