Friday, September 5, 2014

Finding the right birthday gift for Capricorn men

The ambitious and hard-working Capricorn guy will appreciate gifts that show status, money and power. Here's a list of presents they love and appreciate.

Capricorns, by nature of their star sign, are very ambitious, hard-working and responsible people, this attitude has taken most of them to the higher echelons of power. For these men, the material value of a birthday gift does matter. If you are gifting the Capricorn man, jewelry or accessories, look for cuff-links, rings and bracelets that come in precious metals like platinum, white gold or silver. Avoid cheap imitations and look for clean non-fussy designs, Capricorns hate being showy.

Why Capricorn Men Love Functional Gifts

The Capricorn man makes a good manager as he is blessed with strong organizational skills. Gift him something that will be functional like a personal planner, tablet, laptop and so on. Give him something he can flaunt at his workplace like an expensive leather briefcase, a smart desk organizer, an expensive pen and so on.

The Capricorn man can enjoy his own company and is likely to enjoy books. However, he is not one to look for books on fantasy themes, the best bet would be books that are how-to-guides or are practical books on hobbies. 

Want to gift clothes? Go for expensive branded formal shirts that will reflect his professional attitude to work. Since ties are always in vogue at work, you can gift elegant ties. Watches too are accessories he will love but it’s the high end brand like Omega, Cartier, Rolex and so on that will appeal to him.

Gift Your Capricorn Man Something to Help Him Relax

Get the hard-working Capricorn to relax! Gift a bottle of fine wine or treat him to dinner at an upscale restaurant. You can also gift a spa package to drain all that stress away. You can even make up a nice spa hamper that features some soaps, lotions and body wash with a relaxing aroma. A good bottle of cologne will work too.

Money is a big deal to the Capricorn man and gifts associated with money works well for him. Go for a fine leather wallet, money clip, stock bond and so on. Traditional symbols of power like membership to an elite club is something he will really dig. 

These tips should help you choose a gift your Capricorn man will love!

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