Monday, September 1, 2014

Pick the perfect birthday gift for the Capricorn woman

The Capricorn girl is ambitious, materialistic and traditional, so look for gifts that have value or ones related to her career.

The Capricorn woman is a hard core career woman and highly ambitious.  She will put all her energy into climbing the career ladder. Gift her something that appeals to this side of her like say a briefcase, personal organizer, laptop, cool laptopcase, tablet and so on.

The Capricorn woman sets great stock by traditional ideals and that’s the reason jewelry is so appealing to her.Go in for precious jewelry as she is unlikely to be impressed by costume jewelry. Gold or platinum jewelry or a diamond solitaire that have substantial material worth is her cup of tea. Looks for elegant, timeless designs.

Games as Gifts for Capricorn Girls

As per the zodiac, the Capricorn woman loves games and a bit of competitive sport can perk her up. Celebrate her birthday by taking her out to a bowling alley, a mini golf range or get her an interesting video game. Allow her to win as she does not like defeat even at the hands of a friend, but keep it discreet, if she suspects that you purposely let her win, the win loses charm.

The Capricorn woman enjoys things that bring her physical comfort. A nice silk scarf, a fleece blanket, a warm woolen stole or a woolen sweater will make her feel warm and cozy.  She also loves natural and home-made food, a batch of home-made cookies in a nice tin or jar will be appreciated, you could even bake her a nice cake with a personal message on it.

Let your gift improve her social quotient

The Capricorn sun sign woman loves to be looked up in the social circle. How about something that will up her social quotient like tickets to a fundraising theatre event, a designer handbag, invitation to a fundraising dinner hosted by a bigwig and so on.

The Capricorn woman loves to read but be careful what you pick. She is not the one with her head-in-the-clouds, go for books that are more practical such as how-to-guides or books on hobbies. 

These tips should help you pick the perfect present for the Capricorn girl.

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