Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pick the right birthday gift for the Virgo woman

Win the heart of the Virgo woman by gifting her a beautiful piece of art, crockery or an outdoor gift. Read to find out what kind of gifts wow them.

The Virgo woman loves beauty and enjoys being surrounded by beautiful things. A painting or objet d’art will not only liven up her home but also evoke fond thoughts of you when her eyes fall on it. She also likes to keep herself looking fit and beautiful.  Gifts like cosmetics, good clothes, membership to a gym or her choice, exercise DVDs or a personal gym will work.

Nature gifts for your Virgo woman

Virgo women like the earth and this draws them to the outdoors. They usually enjoy the experience of gardening and watching plants grow. Gift her gardening tools or gardening gloves.  You can also gift a bird feeder, she will enjoy the calming activity of watching birds landing on it. She is not a very materialistic type, so even a gift like a hike in the woods would keep her happy.

Want to buy a book for a Virgo woman? That’s a good choice but make sure it’s on a subject that interests her. A safe bet would be biographies or informative non-fiction books, steer away from books that deal with new fads and cross-cultural concepts.

Woo the Virgo entertainer with special gifts

The Virgo woman loves to entertain and enjoys playing the perfect host taking care to bring out her best cutlery and crockery, serve great food and create an ambience of warmth and joy.  Gift her a large decorative bowl, set of bowls,  elegant table centre-piece, a crystal flower vase, bar set, expensive cutlery, table mats and so on. You can also gift a gourmet basket filled with exotic items like fine wine, cheeses, chocolates, nuts and so on.

Books are gifts that Virgo women will like but remember to choose non-fiction and avoid fiction. They have a curious mind and books on a subject that they are interested in like gardening or cooking will be accepted with delight.

Personalized handmade gifts

You can also make a handicraft, bake a cake or cookies, these gifts especially hand-made for them will be appreciated greatly.

These tips should help you pick a wonderful birthday gift for the Virgo woman.

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