Friday, September 19, 2014

How to pick the perfect gift for the Scorpio woman

The seductive, sharp Scorpio woman has luxurious tastes and a penchant for adventure; choose a gift that panders to her taste. A guide to best gifts for her.

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

The Scorpio woman is quite the femme fatale and one of the most exotic, magnetic and seductive signs of the Zodiac. She knows the power she wields over men and an exotic Oriental scent would make an ideal birthday gift. You can also shop for sexy lingerie and lace or satin or a lace-up leather corset to fire up her fantasies!

Luxury, thy name is Scorpio

The Scorpio woman loves to be surrounded for luxury. If you want to throw a party for her, make sure that you leave no stone unturned to make it lavish. When it comes to the choice of food and beverages, go for expensive ones, the more expensive and exotic, the better.

Awesome accessories to woo her

Want to gift the Scorpio woman accessories? Get it right by gifting accessories that reflect her confidence and personality. Turquoise is the birthstone for the month, so you can go with turquoise jewelry, a sparkling stud, a stunning bracelet or chain should do the trick. If it’s a handbag, go for a classy one from a premium brand

The Scorpio woman loves to cultivate that aura of mystery around her and mysterious things fascinate her. Gift her spy novels or spy gadgets that she can use in daily life, for instance a multi-function watch, a secret voice recorder or penlight and she’s sure to be thrilled. You can also gift designer sunglasses to add a mysterious dimension to her personality.

Gifting the adventurous Scorpio woman

Whisk the Scorpio woman off on a holiday and she will love it!  Make sure it has an element of adventure like snorkelling, scuba diving, moutaineering, rafting or bungee jumping. Gift something related to travel like luggage, a cosmetic bag, a camera and so on.

The Scorpio woman has a shrewd mind and loves to play games on and off the boardroom. Pick up games that call for strategy and sharp decision making like chess, detective games or the more intellectual video games.

These tips should help you pick a gift that will be loved and cherished for long after.

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