Monday, September 22, 2014

Awesome birthday gifts to buy for the Scorpio man

Sentimental and mysterious, the Scorpion man is the kind to cherish gifts that reflect your care and understanding of his tastes. Here’s a guide to best gifts for him.

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

The Scorpio man is quite sentimental and for him, the thought that goes behind a gift counts. He will be happy if you remembered his favorite brand of cheese or preference in music for instance. For him, it’s not about being flashy but about being clued in to him. You can even gift a scrapbook full of his phtographs, he will cherish it.

Scorpios love mystery gifts

The Scorpio man loves to cultivate a mysterious air and keep his private life secret. Things that appeal to this side of him like spy novels, large sunglasses or notebooks with locks will be appreciated. Even when it comes to colors, he is attracted to mysterious colors like green and black or passionate colors like red. So, if you intend buying him clothes, watch for these colors.
Scorpios, as per the ancient zodiac, are quite sensuous and seductive creatures. Gift the Scorpio man a pampering massage, a spa package, a seductive perfume and so on.

Do it yourself kits for Scorpion men

By their star sign nature, many Scorpio men love to fix things around the house by themselves. Gift a nice tool kit, a drill or a power saw and the Scorpio man is bound to be uber thrilled. The Scorpio man loves water sports, so gift him something that takes him to the seaside and he will be enjoy it. There are plenty of choices, swimming gear, a new surf board, scuba diving lessons, a cruise trip and more.

The Scorpio man’s taste veers towards classic, so good formal shirts make a fine choice. He also likes leather, so a snazzy leather jacket, a nice leather wallet or a leather belt are great ideas.

The way to a Scorpio man’s heart is through his stomach

Good food is Scorpio’s passion. Throw a lavish party for him featuring gourmet food or take him out to an upmarket restaurant where he can tuck into an exotic meal. You can also make up a gourmet food hamper that fatures fine wine, sauces, cheeses, meat and more.

These tips should help you locate the ideal birthday gift that will appeal to the Scorpio man.

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