Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pick the right birthday gift for the Virgo man

The Virgo man is quite the perfectionist and something that goes with his penchant for staying orgnized like books, organizers or storage systems work.

The Virgo man is the perfectionist and has high expectations from himself and others. Getting a gift for Virgo therefore means you need to plan well and remember his birthday, forgetting it and giving the birthday gift later is simply not acceptable to him.

Gifts to keep him organized

The Virgo man is good at multi-tasking and this also entails keeping things in order. Gifts that help him get organized like personal journals, enagagement diaries, a desk organizer with multiple slots, a cabinet with different racks to store things, a fine leather briefcase, boxes and so on will be appreciated.

Feed his curiosity with gifts

The Virgo mind is curious and loves to explore. A good book or a book shelf to store his extensive collection is a nice idea. A multi-language digital dictionary, foreign language DVDs or foreign language lessons would appeal to them.

The Virgo man, according to his star sign, is quite fitness conscious and particular about taking care of his health. How about gifting a personal gym or an annual membership to a gym of his choice? You can even gift coupons to an organic or health food store since he likes to eat healthy. Sporty clothes or shoes are another option.

Staying clean can be quite an obsession with Virgo, due to the zodiac.  Try gifting monogrammed towels, luxury soaps, bathrobes and bubble baths.

Woo him with gifts that soothe him

The Virgo man can be quite the workaholic, so a de-stressing spa session will make a pampering gift. A vacation that involves outdoor trails, trekking or camping is a good idea as Virgos love being close to the earth. You can also gift something that will provide recreation like board games especially chess,  i-pod or i-pad.

Virgos have an affinity for pets, they love to care for others and other living beings included. A bouncy kitten or a mischieveous puppy can be quite the thing to delight them. If they own a pet, gift a nice pet accessory like a bowl, collar or a blanket.

These pointers should help you pick a birthday gift that will thrill the Virgo man.

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