Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Choose the perfect birthday gift for the Libra woman

The sociable, intelligent Libra lady loves gifts chosen to suit her elegant taste or indulge her luxurious side. Discover what can wow the Libran sun sign.
(Sept 23 – October 22)

The Libra woman is charming, flirtatious and enjoys being part of the social circuit. While choosing a birthday gift for her, look for something beautiful or luxurious.  She has a romantic streak in her and you can appeal to this with hampers filled with spa goodies, spa packages, flowers, chocolates and so on. Cosmetics and skin care products from leading brands are a good choice too.

The decorator

According to the zodiac, the Libran lady loves decorating her home. Balance and harmony are part of the Libran psyche so home d├ęcor gifts given in pairs work well, say for instance, a pair of candlesticks, two pieces of art or a pair of bird figurines. Music is something that she loves; gift her CDs, tickets to a concert or a nice music system.

Love for jewelry

Jewelry is a gift the Libran woman will appreciate. Greens and blues are Libran colours so jade or sapphire jewelry will go beautifully with her. If you are buying her jewelry, makes usre it’s not gaudy but go for elegant pieces. She loves luxury, a premium watch, a hamper full of scented lotions, an expensive perfume or a high end mobile phone will appeal to her.

The stylish Libran lady

The Libra woman loves to be impeccably dressed and she’s the type you’re almost always bound to find dressed perfectrly with not even a hair out of place. Her taste in clothing is usually chic but sometimes she comes up with a surprise by throwing in a daring accessory. If you are gifting clothes or accessories, make sure they come from a premium brand.

Gift her a zodiac themed product which features Libra’s symbol, a pair of scales. You will find numerous such gifts ranging from snazzy tees, mugs, pendants to phone cases. She also loves to travel, so gift her something that helps her travel in style like a snazzy tote otr lightweight suitcases.

These tips should help you pick a star sign-based birthday gift that the Libra woman will truly cherish.

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